As I Crawl


I wake up and start my day.
I stretch……… I begin my crawl.

My mind is with you far away.
I think of my body and how it’s aching for you.
I get up on my hands and knees. I feel the urge to reach down and relieve that pressure.
I trick my body with a few tight squeezes, rubbing my thighs together, thinking of your disappointment if I would act on that urge.
My submission and your domination wins today. I strive to please you, even if you’re away.

The crawl has begun… The crawl, my journey into submission.
I crawl at your feet and pray that you lead me, guide me until I can walk. I want to live in your Domination, revel in it. I’m thanking you for it today.

Little Kaninchen


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