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A Domination and submission Marriage

~submissive Awakening~

A Domination and submission marriage is a dance. Your partner is to lead and you are to know your steps. Just as when your new to D/s your steps are unknown and awkward.  Both of you, after practicing and working together as a team, soon become a well-oiled machine, you begin to dance. These dancers are champions and inspired me with their choice of songs, from the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. This goes to show that FSOG inspires so many women and men. There are submissive awakenings happening all over the world.


You want to learn more about the feelings you are feelings? The ache that’s deep in your belly? You read the books and feel it to? You can have the D/s dynamics and be married. You can be midlife and just finding your sexuality and your submissive.  Let us show you how…….You came to the right place…..

Where class and D/s meet. Where your marriage relationship cums first…. 


WELCUM to the Warren….


Get Dancing,

Little Kaninchen



Dancers: World Champions, Kathrin Menzinger & Vadim Garbuzov

E. L. James, the author of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” shared it on her Facebook page.

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  1. LK,
    What a great analogy…it’s a dance…that rings so true (and close to my heart) to this little subbie. Yes, feeling a little clumsy at first, watching yourself in the mirror, feeling the rhythm, counting your steps, hearing the constructive criticism given, practicing and memorizing your movements, until finally you feel comfortable and confident enough to show yourself. It’s a wonderful feeling and just like dancing, I never want to stop!
    I loved the video as well; being a dancer myself, it brought tears to my eyes watching such powerful and beautiful people, moving together in such a sensual and beautiful way.
    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Love it! That was beautiful…love that they used a blindfold…the trust in your partner! Great comparison! 😉

  3. Absolutely! The best place to cum and learn and know you are not alone…… xoxo

  4. I love that in two journey new or old there are always new steps… Always new things to learn… Always something different. I am looking forward to each moment in this journey with Sir. I am looking forward to building new friendships with everyone here. Love this post!

  5. So lovely

    Any type of dance with a partner, has a D/s dynamic.
    You have to follow the lead of your partner without hesitation. It is so magical to be in sync with him during dancing.
    Just love it

  6. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

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