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What Makes this submissive Community

Different than Others?

The first thing is just that… We are a community and do not consider ourselves just a blog or web-site.

This site is not about just about one woman or man. It is not a private sounding board. It’s not about me… There is a bigger picture here. This is about all of you... This is about bringing light to what used to be seen as a dark activity only done by deviants.

I call this community my “Warren.”

What is a warren,  you ask?  A warren is a network of interconnecting rabbit burrows.

a densely populated or labyrinthine building or district.
“a warren of narrow gas-lit streets”

BRITISH historical defines it as…
An enclosed piece of land set aside for breeding game, especially rabbits. My name, Little {Kaninchen} means Rabbit in German. My Sir gave me this name in the beginning of our journey. I thought “Warren” was a fitting name.

This community is about exactly that a community dedicated to help all submissives. Gender no matter, this is a place where a submissives can come and be safe to learn and communicate with others. No matter your activity if your a lil, a masochist, slave or a switch you’re still a submissive and need a place to belong. Every type of submissive, whether your bedroom, service or single  you are welcum here.

We have moderated live online chat rooms with special subject matter discussions, Blog, forums, book club and soon we are currently expanding our group program.  We even have a Fantasy Football League. Annually we arrange a “Gathering of the Warren.” in a large city. We gather making friends, visiting leather and toy shops. We go tour local dungeons. We discuss our dynamics and just enjoy sharing TTWD…. This Thing We Do.

We here at pride ourselves in being able to give you the tools on how to begin a D/s dynamic. We can give you the foundation to make yourself a custom D/s relationship. We have submissive Advisors to help the new sub along. Even if you’re a seasoned submissive with an active Dominant we will provide sub-port on how to keep the D/s strong and fresh. My Sir and I are working on providing Couples Mentoring Programs and pod-casts. We are always evolving and growing.

When Mr. Fox and I first got started in Domination and submission there was nothing out there for the married couple wanting BDSM and the D/s dynamics. It inspired us to create our two communities… One for submissives and another for Dominants.

This is a positive place to be. No negativity is allowed. Why waste time on being negative about such a positive change in your life. D/s’ foundation is based on Trust, Respect, Honesty & Communication. Love still has to live in your marriage or LTR. This community is built on others experiences and them paying it forward to help everyone gain a better understanding of Domination and submission.

You will fall or spiral …..we all do,  so we all sub-port one another and pick each other up and help each other forge ahead in our journeys. No worries, this site is submissive’s only meaning no Dominant’s allowed. Your Dominant will not have to worry about other Dom’s propositioning subs on here.

You know who you are.. ..You read those books. You may have seen the movie. You now want to find out what is the next step. Those who are dipping their toes in the first time or the more seasoned submissive that is looking for a place to belong. You have found the right place….. Feel free to come here and get that affirmation on the feelings you’re having or just lurk and learn from other submissives. Make sub-friends…. Build yourself as a submissive. Find out how to build your own Dominant. Make more of your marriage. The strength that comes from submitting will amaze you. Join in …  & Enjoy!

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