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Our mentor chat this month is about ROMANCE in marriage. Why this topic? August is the SECOND MOST ROMANTIC month of the year, behind February. February is for Vanilla Romance. August, makes it Hotter! It’s the Dog Days of Summer. Now is the time to have a HOT LOVE AFFAIR WITH YOUR husDOM!

“Forget the box of chocolate’s and bring the whole bottle of chocolate syrup!”

Romance in a happy marriage is a good thing. 😊 Join me, Wench on August 25 at 8 EST to discuss how we can make our marriage a ‘Love Affair” not only for ourselves but for our husDoms. It takes team work and effort, but it’s so worth it. ❤️ Wench

  • August 8th- 14th is Resurrect Romance Week. Time to get HOT, Sweaty, Dirty and Romantic!
  • August 26th – 31st is Happily Married Husband and Wife Week! Join us for a Community Chat, where our submissive mentor Wench will head up a great Mentoring Chat about Romance in marriage and how it keeps us submissive’s happy! Celebrate your marital happiness this week!

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