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Power Exchange

D/s Scene Follow Up

When it all began…….. Our Dominance and Submission Power Exchange.  (In 2012), Well… Our power exchange or scene was extraordinary! This is our D/s Scene Follow Up.

My submissive gets a very specific announcement, an email or text, usually several days prior to our exchange. I travel for a living so our exchange was scheduled the night of my return.  This message tells her in substantial detail my expectations of her and how I would like her to prepare for the power exchange scene. 

I considered posting an actual announcement from a previous exchange but for now I have decided that these letters are something more intimate and special between my wife and I.  I will write more about them in another post. They are definitely erotic and create quite the build for both of us.

In my letter I gave specific instructions not to be late. You guessed it, she was ten minutes late. Earlier that very morning she was telling me how she wants our D/s relationship to continue to grow. She wants it to go to the next level for us. Well, I have given her a few spankings before but never one for punishment. In fact, we have recently talked about punishment spankings. I told her that I would love to give her a punishment spanking but couldn’t begin to think of a legitimate reason to ever actually do it, until now!

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Upon entering the bedroom I almost immediately lost control. She was sitting exactly how I had told her that I would like her to be. She was wearing what I had asked her to wear right down to the color of her fingernail polish. All of my requests had been fulfilled.  Classical music was softly playing in the background. Just to her left was a comb and a hair band accompanied by her collar. I had told her that first, she would give herself to me psychologically by allowing me to collar her, and then she would give herself to me physically by allowing me to dominate her.

After collaring her, I quickly french braided her hair to get it up and out of the way. Then I looked at her and said,

“Remove your panties and lay across my lap, one swat for each minute late!”

This was to be her punishment. I was a bit nervous to actually say it out loud. Would this be alright? The look in her eyes told me that this was more than alright, she was practically quivering with anticipation. I sat down and laid her across my lap. This was seriously more erotic than a regular spanking, simply incredible! Looking back, I wish that I had made it forty swats.
After her punishment I could hardly control myself. Restraining myself from just jumping on top of her and taking her right then and there was short of impossible. I could tell by her skin color and her breathing that this was effecting her in the same way.

I am new at writing and even less comfortable about describing my feelings. What should I say and what shouldn’t I say? Our exchange is a very intimate thing between me and my wife. Many people wont begin to understand the respect I have for her and even more so by her submitting to me and allowing my dominance. I want to be careful not to write about us in a manner which would undermine what we feel for one another.

Let me just say that our exchange was extraordinary and my wife went much further than she had ever gone before with zero effort. After a while she began breathing very deeply, her exquisite green eyes appeared heavy and almost trance like under her eye lids and her moans were different than anything I have ever heard before. The only word that she could discernibly speak was “sir” and even that appeared difficult at times. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience for both of us.

I am crazy beside myself thinking about every detail of our next exchange. It’s like a drug to me. A drug where I can’t stop thinking about my wife, my subMrs.

Mr. N. Fox

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  1. Kitty,

    Thanks for commenting. Our blog really began as a way for us to diary our own journey into this new lifestyle. It is all moving so quickly. Where and who we were yesterday is completely different than today, and continuing to change on a daily basis it seems. It really is very exciting!

    I find it difficult, however, to write about something so intimate regarding someone so special to me, my soul mate. What can I say and still maintain a certain level of respect? I wanted to write about it in great detail exactly how it happend but it is proving more difficult than that. Like our journey, I am sure that I will find my way.

    Thanks again,

    By the way… We follow your blog!


  2. I totally understand how hard it is to write intimacy – sometimes I do a lot and then other times I just muse. The difference of course is that H has no problem with me sharing, but I often wonder what I would think if he was up there writing all this stuff out??? Double standard? Absolutely. Not sure why though.

    Anywho – Thank you for following my blog! I am always surprised at the number of people that do, but so grateful because I have learned so much from all of them.

  3. NO. This is NOT jane.

    I am Le Maitre aka Maitre Pierre. I am using her access to your slave’s blog as it is simpler and quicker owing to the fact I don’t have a blog with WordPress (or anywhere else) myself.

    I wanted to congratulate you on the way you appear to be handling your delightful slave and to congratulate you on having her agree to a TPE agreement. I have one with my slave, but jane I keep as a submissive, although she is as closely bound with rules as is la petite, my slave.

    It is good to see that your slave and jane seem to have formed a bond as fellow subs. I have always thought that allowing subs to speak freely is a good idea. There is a slight danger of their taking matters too far when ‘kidding around’, but mainly I have found that it bears fruit as they seem to learn from one another.

    As for myself, if you ever want any advice, just ask your slave to pass on your message to jane. If she hasn’t an answer (and she has been a 24/7 submissive for a decade), I can probably help.

    May I wish you many years and much pleasure with your slave. From what I have read and from what jane has told me, she sounds delightful.

    Bon chance, mon ami.

    (Dictated by Le Maitre to his submissive, jane, and posted by her on His behalf. 19th January 2013)

    1. Thank you Sir for letting us enjoy one another’s company. We hold our relationships only in
      The best light. I do ask lots of questions.. Thank you for letting her answer them. I am very grateful.

    2. Thank you for your kind words.

      I consider Kaninchen as my submissive and not as my slave. I may not have a proper understanding of the two terms myself. I know many people will use the terms interchangabley. You, however, have both allowing you a better perspective.

      I may not be worthy of your congratulations either. We do not have a TPE agreement, though we do have a list of rules that I expect her to obey. The power exchange that I was referring to was simply her granting me the power to dominate her. This exchange of power is something that I cherish. Without her willingness to allow my dominance I would be powerless.

      Thank you for allowing Jane and Kaninchen to become friends. Kaninchen is quite found of your Jane and appreciates her guidance.

      I am grateful for your offer of advice, for I am young in my experience as a Dom and understand that you have many years of experience. We are finding that our D/s relationship is very similar to our vanilla relationship with a few exceptions. In other words we have always had a sort of D/s relationship without recognizing it.

      Thank you again!

      I have much to learn…

  4. From: Le Maitre
    To: 2bDom

    Thanks for explaining things. From what I have read from kaninchen’s blogs, you seem to be doing a great job and I am sure you have a wonderful relationship which will become better all the time.

    Should you ever wish to contact me without our submissives seeing what we are saying, my email address is:

    Anything written to that address will remain strictly confidential and will not be read by anyone except myself.

    With best regards

    (Dictated by Le Maitre to his submissive, jane, and posted by her on His behalf. 20th January 2013)

    1. Le Maitre,

      I do appreciate the direct, confidential contact. If you have noticed I have written two posts and abruptly stopped. Initially blogging appeared to be a good way to journal my journey along with kaninchen’s. However, shortly after I began, I realized that allowing her to see my inner thoughts, doubts and insecurities would be counterproductive and even devastating to our lifestyle. This is why I appreciate the personal contact. If I have questions or seek advice I don’t have to reveal this to kaninchen now, I can contact you directly!

      I also removed your email address from the blog.

      Thanks again,


      1. To: The Master 2bDom
        From: the submissive jane.

        My Dominant, Le Maitre , has instructed me to thank you for your consideration in removing His address from this blog. He is also grateful for your response, and is in agreement with your assessment of just how inquisitive submissive and slaves can be.

        from the submissive

  5. An ex partner and I had a really extreme fight one night during our relationship….it wasn’t a ‘kiss and make up’ kind of fight either, it was real breakup material.

    When we finally spoke after a few days, expecting this would be ‘that talk’, I randomly suggested he just punish me instead and we could move on from there (the fight was mostly my fault and I really didn’t want to break up….unfortunately I can be my own worst enemy after a few bevies).

    Without realising, I changed the whole dynamic of the situation. His anger suddenly changed to intrigue and cutting the story short, he said that’s what we’d do. That night when we met, he instructed me to wear my school uniform (eyes roll I know but it’s the truth!) I did and he put me over his knee and spanked me probably for a good hour. This was my first real spanking experience…..(I’ve kinda been hooked ever since). We also stayed together for another few years after that and had some of the best sex of my life. He was the man who opened up my eyes to ‘the kink’ as we used to call it. Wow, there’s a whole era fhere I haven’t even begun to blog about yet!

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