I’ve written on this subject before but thought it would be important to cover it again.
Your Sir inspecting your body as a ritual or before play is a fun protocol.
These inspections are for him to look at his submissive, her body. This a where you kneel and show him that you give yourself to him. It’s a hot and delicious practice for sure! Him touching your skin and pulling you apart to see what he calls his…
If your lucky he will take you if you score well… If not you may get a spanking or some frustration if you score low.
He can score you on a scale 1-10…
He may score you on your positions and how well you hold a position during inspection. Included in the score, he may ask you if you took care of the issues he gave you to take care of that day.
He may do a body score, wet kitty score, finger score, anal score (checking plug~progress).
At this time he may apply nipple suction cups or clips. Make sure your body is clean, scented, and moisturized. That will be scored as well. Overall if you score less than 7 … You’re in for more rules and maybe a little punishment.

❤❤❤ Best of all this gives your Sir something to use to award or discipline you over… Giggles…..

Oh yeah… The woman in the pic has a great idea or her Sir did… He may require her to wear those heels and jewelry but it’s a great compliment.

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  1. Is there a chance he puts a big “rejected” sticker on your butt like at the DMV because your muffler’s too loose……..or is that just my weird fear?

        1. I’m just glad I haven’t scored below 7 🙂 Can’t imagine walking around with a reject sticker stuck to my butt.

          1. Never fear, we know you’re the cat’s pajamas…no reject for you!

          2. I don’t know about the pajamas. Lol!…we do have our brat days or Sir has his grumpy ones. But I haven’t failed inspection yet… unless Sir comes up with something new.

          3. You guys! Failure not an option! You all will automatically score above 7! You’re all wonderful woman and submissives! LK ❤

          4. I hear you Lk! Learning new things everyday about myself and my submission ♥

          5. I’m not going to fail because of a magical invention called the “dimmer switch” ! In low lighting my muffler looks brand new! Lol

          6. Your muffler is fantastic.. Speak of it as your Sir does.. Do not speak badly of yourself… I have to work on that myself. You are to speak of yourself as if from his eyes… LK ❤

      1. I’m sorry, I got silly and you posted something useful. I will control myself henceforth. Also, I will not fail because you DID teach me better, failure is not an option!

          1. Hugs, you get me

  2. I love inspections because they motivate me. I need feedback. I need to know I’m making progress. He doesn’t rate me, but he is honest. A year ago I would have felt humiliated because I would think he was just being critical, but now I find it empowering because he’s inspecting his body.