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How to Talk Dirty

Your 5 Senses

~Smell it, Taste it, Touch it, See it and Hear it~

How to Talk Dirty or Talking Dirty- to speak about or during sex in a coarse or obscene way.


How to talk dirty seems to be an issue with both Vanilla couples as well as marriage’s sexiest secret couples that practice Domination and submission or D|s-M.   Mr. Fox and I have cum up with a perfect way on how to keep the dirty communication rolling off the tongue smoothly. Talking dirty, using your 5 senses. Many a husDOM has written Mr. Fox about how to talk to their subMrs during play or scenes. After-all, the Dominant is responsible to give direction to the submissive during play and scenes. The submissive is to follow direction and even anticipate what he does or says next. Most times submissives are told to speak in a scene only if spoken to. Your Dominant husband may mix it up and you are sometimes given freedom to speak freely, telling him your feelings as your scene plays out. Do you want your words to really make him go deeper?  You can get your Sir even more engaged in verbal communication by submissively cueing him to use his 5 senses. You both can work together helping one another taking your scenes and play to the next level.

A Freak in the Sheets and a Lady in the Street.

When you first begin D/s-M, you may look at “dirty talk” as something that you never have done before and almost viewed “classless”. But, after being involved in the lifestyle a little bit you will start to see how talking dirty in scenes and play heightens the experience. We promote class on our sites and in all things D|s-M but there is one thing that in history stands true today for what TTWD, (this thing we do). It is this, a man, a Dom, a husDOM wants his partner, lover, or subMrs to be a Freak in the sheets/bedroom/ and then a Lady of class on the street, his home and for his children. So look at your intimate time with him alone as the time to be “his freak”. Talk dirty to your Sir. Ask him what he really loves to hear as he puts you through your paces. BUT,  DO NOT speak these words outside those times. Be the classiest lady in the room always, otherwise. Mr. Fox doesn’t like a foul mouth outside the bedroom, but that’s another post.

Your 5 Senses with some Talking Dirty Examples:


husDom: “Your cunt smells amazing!”

subMrs: “Do I smell good to you Sir?”


husDom: “You taste delicious.”

subMrs: “May I taste your cock Sir?”


husDom: “Legs apart, bend over let me feel you deeper.”

subMrs: “Please spank my pussy, Sir.”


husDom: “I can’t wait to see your tits clamped down”

subMrs: “Do you like the way I look, Sir?”


husDom: “I want to hear you count every spanking.”

subMrs: “How do you wish for me to communicate during our scene today?”

Please share this post and Mr. Fox’s Article about “Talking Dirty” with your Dominant husband and help one another in all your scenes.

Best subMrs Wishes!

Little Kaninchen

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