Grow Your Own Dominant husband, husDOM (Mr. Grey) | The Night His Dominant Arrived

Grow Your Own Dominant husband, husDOM (Mr. Grey)

The Night His Dominant Arrived

We’ve practiced and done scenes now almost a year. He was my husband until Sunday night. His true Dom came to fruition. I watched my husband turn into a Dom over top of me. His eyes became very dark. His mouth curled up in the corners. His hands rough and soft at the same time. His voice… Deeper. No forgiveness or asking permission or apologizing. No weakness, no wondering …. Just his Dom.
A stranger I’ve never truly met. I was almost scared. I didn’t know where he was going and what actions were going to happen next. There’s a man taking me.. Complete control from the beginning. Taking what he wanted and telling me what he was taking. It’s taken me so long to put it into words. I still am suffering from a stupor… A wonderful and fabulous stupor.

This is a new time for D/s … After Fifty Shades (AFF) So many woman want their own Christian, Mr. Grey.  They are married and their children are aging. We are taking great care of our bodies and being able to recognize our wants and now seeing its ok to reach out and ask for it! Tell them we have to have it. We want to create our own husDoms…. We can have it all.

This is a new concept. I’m heading this concept. Creating Your husDom….. New territory.. Will be forged. This is a new chapter… They do change! ….. Things so recognizable…. I want to tell this story using my web-site.

Grow Your Own Mr. Grey

Back to my original reason for this post. His Dominant…. We’ve worked together.. I’ve trusted and tried to be patient. This very night… He really became my husDom… Our journey has had a “Moment” … No More Training Wheels.
Something has changed… In him… He was so comfortable in taking that control. His words so raw and powerful. It felt sooo right…

 His touch was very clear. This was his need, not something he was doing just for me. This was for him..His hunger.

The pain and pleasure he gave me that night, I’m still wearing his bruises proudly like “Badges of Honor”… This was unfamiliar. It was given differently and accepted with all my submission.
He’s arrived…

Sir did forward me a post from his blog on . That night must have made a mark with him as well for some reason because he posted about it.

Our exchange that night was so Special. I will remember it FOREVER.

In the mean time… All you women out there working with your husbands … Keep going, be patient, its going to happen… I’m living proof.

Keep Planting the seed ( your submission ) and he will grow….


Original Date: 3/13

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  1. Oh just the inspiration I needed this week. I look forward to meeting that side of Sir. I do see little glimpses. As I am sure he sees glimpses of me. We are growing together.

    Reading your posts and talking to the lovely subbies on here has made me much more aware of the way we interact. The things I do that feed his Dom and he in return feeds me.

    Thank-you again x