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I’m Just a Woman with Ideas

This Idea:

I’m Little Kaninchen, a submissive or subMrs……. I’m a woman with ideas.  So many ideas run through my mind. This community is just one of my many ideas that have gone into fruition over the years.  In my community I try to shine the spotlight on married couples that want to learn and enjoy intimacy that BDSM can bring to their marriages.  Everyday,  I’m finding new women and men in different positions in life but in a very similar walk or journey as I have experienced. I’m enjoying conversations from our live chatrooms and the comments to my blog posts and forums. The honesty poured out everyday is a special thing. It’s couples secrets. It’s a woman finding herself again. It’s kinks that take your breath away.  The reinvention of your marriage is what it is about. Thinking young no matter your age is key to this reinvention.

Idea Developed:

Over the years, I have developed a new dynamic called D/s-M.  D/s-M is Domination and submission for Married Couples. I’ve created wonderful and magical methods and foundations to build your own D/s-M. These all rest upon strong relationship foundations.  I started as a new submissive, midlife, married and monogamous and still after all this time I am still a submissive, midlife, married and monogamous.  I have learned how to enrich my marriage using BDSM and not tearing it down. I have brought my lessons here to share with others.  Mr. Fox and I both work hard, everyday on our sites and our own D/s-M.

Why the Idea:

We were lost and empty after 23 years married with kids and the dream home… I had lost myself or even just come to the end of my road or stage of life where I was just a part of a whole. I became an individual once again.  My marriage’s intimacy was vanilla at best.  I did not want to become a gray divorce statistic.   I wanted a GREY inspired marriage.  I needed to create my next stage in life.  I wanted to make my marriage something special.  I wanted MORE. I asked for MORE.  I got MORE!

Thank You Past and Future:

Thank you to first my Sir, Mr. Fox .  Thank you for your Dominance and subport of my submission. Thank you for your endless hours of working on this site not to mention you also have your own helping new Dominants and husDOMs.  You work as a full time professional and still help me stay relevant with  Thank you everyone who has come here and shared in their journeys.  Keep following … Keep writing about you and your dynamics in the forums.  Learn and build what it is you desire.  If you have any ideas please email me



Little Kaninchen

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Original post 2013, Update 2017

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  1. When I have friends like you guys… To back me up with all my crazy… I feel like the luckiest girl around… Thank you both!

  2. I love reading all your blogs. I started from the first post and have made my way to here. I love the pics you post. All your blogs get me so excited. I just found this site a week agi. I am so deeply in love with all of it. This is saving my marriage. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  3. I love reading your blog.. I started at the beginning and like a Grey book, I can’t stop reading… thank you so much for sharing. My husDom and I are learning so much from both websites, we can’t get enough, He calls me his insatiable nymph… since we’ve joined your community, I think we both are now. 🙂