Try this Sexercise

Mount your Sirs leg… Rub yourself back and forth, trying to reach orgasm. He can help you move back and forth, massage & pull you apart during. He can rub your back and arms. I encourage use of “Dirty-Talk” as it will help a lot.
See if you can reach orgasm only with use of his leg. (Maybe anal plug-in before.) Working together to achieve this will bring you closer. It may take a few try’s to get there.
Everyone try this weekend and report back. Please make sure you describe what worked for you and what did not… Good Luck… Be bad!

LK ❤

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          1. Yes I was impressed lol I always say that about him well you can make me cum w just your leg you can do just about anything to me lol

  1. We’ve done this. Dirty talk, nipple biting, hair pulling, hands on neck, bit of spanking, groping…then He will move His leg the tiniest bit and I am flying, and ready for more. Warm up orgasm: Two thumbs up. 🙂

    1. Forgot to mention…this is great standing up in the shower. My Husband will torture me, supporting me with one leg, my feet off the ground, making me beg… *swoon*

      1. Ummm…yes. I get off rather easily & often…stopping them is the problem, though it is the best “problem” I have. 😀 My face is very red now…

    1. I ride horses and this way is a whole lot more fun! One difference you hold the crop when you ride… With this type of ride your Sir holds the crop! Lol! Luscious! …. LK ❤

  2. I have done this before, sitting on his lap on the couch. I didn’t come though, it was foreplay. Maybe I should have given it some more time! Next time, definately.

      1. In my fantasy he’s pulling my head back with his hand wrapped in my hair hard, at the same time. Mmm hmm.

      1. Maybe I’ll pin Sir in the shower and try it without Sir wanting to change positions. And since Sir likes his crop Sir may not want to deviate.

          1. Will have to skip this challenge…Sir is away until Sunday evening.

          2. It’s ok …. You can do it early week and let us know…. Sad he’s away… You can live vicariously through me this weekend… You had 2 hours of play last night and 3 hours this morning… You’re not quite sated yet so you may have more fun tonight… Lol! LK ❤

          3. We’ll than I’m only in the warm up stage…and someone will have to work harder at it. I need to feel the flames. 🙂
            enjoy! I maybe using the wand over here if you keep this up. Lol!

          4. Sounds Smoking 🙂 Light your fire… have loads of sexy Dom/controlled fun!

        1. 🙂 so excited to find out how it turns out! Even if something should happen and life gets the in the way tonight, keep things positive. Find something else to do together, don’t let disappoinment ruin the good direction you guys are going in! We’re all sending positive spankable thoughts your way! Make sure you keep us updated!

  3. We didn’t forget your Sexercise…we just got derailed a bit, Sir wanted to start last night with his favorite activity…and i was total at the edge. we played for 4 hours last night so if we did your sexercise during that time it would have been cheating. so you will have to wait for the results.