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Positive Thinking | Submissive’s Thoughts

Quit thinking about what might go wrong , think about what could go Right!!

You know I’m right… Change your thought patterns, your negative perceptions. Your mindset is only made by you and your actions. 

Forget the “what ifs” and oh no he’s doing this wrong, this isn’t going to work. Wasted Energy. 

Think of letting go and how wonderful his leadership will be. Think of his guidance in a positive way. Have submissive thoughts, positive thoughts.

Let him take control. Let him make the decisions… His Dominate will only grow when you let go.

You will grow in your submission leaps and bounds by changing your energy into positive energy. 

Another good reason to have positive energy. Spread it around. 


Best Wishes SubMrs!

Little Kaninchen



  1. littlekaninchen 6 years ago

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! You have to put in the request, the submission and the reassurance, daily, in order to gain his Dominance. LK

  2. MrsBaker 1 year ago

    In the past month this is what I have been working on extra hard. I have changed my thought pattern a lot and it’s more positive. I have given my control over ton my Sir and I continue to do it daily for myself. He is my husDom and he does everything he does with my best interest and the best interest of our family in mind. I know he will always protect me and guide me! I just got to keep letting him have control!


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