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Subspace and Subdrop, subMrs, Floating or Sinking, Domination and submission Scenes, Endorphins, Hormones, What is subdrop, What is subspace

~SubSpace and SubDrop~

Floating or Sinking?

What is SubSpace and SubDrop?  Let’s first cover the definitions of the terms we are speaking about as they can get confusing. I am not a doctor or a therapist but I am trying to explain subspace and subdrop from my many years experiences and of what I have been told by the thousands of women and men I have spoken with here in our communities. I want to provide you with a good understanding of what you may experience or want to experience as a submissive in play or a scene.  How do hormones and endorphins effect submissives? Are you Floating or Sinking? Here is how to figure that out.

Subspace and Subdrop, subMrs, Floating or Sinking, Domination and submission Scenes, Endorphins, Hormones, What is subdrop, What is subspace


Physically speaking, when your body overloads on adrenaline or endorphins you can reach symptomatic high that many in TTWD, This Thing We Do, call subspace.  Adrenaline and endorphins act differently when released in the submissive’s body as we discussed above. They are released sometimes from the transference of pain or lots and lots of stimulation. It’s a trance-like state most experience, it’s called subspace! 

Some characteristics of being in subspace may be slowing down of time, a lightness, an extreme focus of your partner, and nothing else around you.  You may feel like your floating, hence the name subspace. Some see dots or say stars.  Your limbs may be limp and you have a feeling of being in a fog.


Once, I couldn’t stop laughing… My Sir and I both started laughing during a scene and we didn’t stop for some time. We kept going but laughed non-stop. Many times subspace has happened for me, more in the beginning of the dynamic. Subspace is NOT the same for everyone. Some never reach sub-space. One thing I can tell you from the requirements of a body is you reach subspace after some time being put under duress.. good or bad… it takes time to get there. Do not expect to get there in a 45-minute play/scene. When I was new it took me a long time to get to sub-space. Sir had to stimulate me for a long time. Our scenes start with stimulation, then pain to pleasure play, then back to stimulation again.  In the beginning, it took me almost to the end of a scene to achieve it at all. It does NOT happen every time. Sound or light deprivation, keeping your eyes closed or being blindfolded helps with getting to subspace. It forces you to feel and not think so much. Overthinking is the number one reason most submissives have a hard time getting to subspace.


As your high comes down, and the parasympathetic nervous system, WIKI starts again it can lead to deep exhaustion, as well as incoherence for the submissive or what we refer to as subdrop.  Physically you can feel cold, limp, sleepy. You will feel deep satisfaction and luv for your Dominant. He will be attending your aftercare. A nice warm blanket with some cuddles is exactly what the doctor ordered… I usually take a small nap maybe 30-40 minutes and wake to feel renewed and satisfied. I wake up thirsty and maybe hungry. Sir will apply any cream to my badges as I call them……. Then we will discuss our scene. We discuss what worked and what did not. I am going to tell you something very important! You have to be honest and discuss anything at this point that hurt you or bothered you in any way even the smallest things. If you don’t they can lead to major issues later.

Subspace, Subdrop, subMrs, Floating or Sinking, Domination and submission Scenes, Endorphins, Hormones, What is subdrop, What is subdrop


Now, let’s talk about the emotional aspects.  Emotionally at first after a scene you are happy. If you have held anything back,  it will start as a small molehill then slowly turn into a mountain. I noticed when I was a new sub that I had subdrop more often.  I believe this may be  because your body is not used to having the flood and then a drop of these natural chemicals in the blood. I also think if you are a little..older per-se’, our body’s chemicals are not produced in the amounts that as you’ve aged that you’re used to. So, after you have had some time to get used to the process of scening the subdrop will balance out. In the beginning, you will need more care and time to recover. I would advise downtime afterward… if not right after later that evening or next morning.  Also, take into account that if you are on some medications for other things that your new-found chemicals could cross with them… Find your balance and if you don’t balance out in a month or two then maybe talk to other submissives or a professional. If you take time off of the dynamics, then decide to get back on the bike then remember your body will have to get used to the hormones again.

Schedule & Travel

It helps a lot to schedule your scenes regularly, feeding your body the endorphins and hormones regularly.  Warning for those with traveling Dominants please beware, Do yourselves a BIG favor do not play or scene the night before your Sir travel for business. You’ll miss him terribly and his complete absence so soon after scening can send you into a tail-spin or a submissive spiral and you’ll be in desperate need of a reset! Your Sir will feel so helpless because he is so far away. If you both travel somewhere, take your scenes with you!

What’s Making you Feel ….


Subspace, Subdrop, subMrs, Floating or Sinking, Domination and submission Scenes, Endorphins, Hormones, What is subdrop, What is subdrop A hormone that is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress and increases heart rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure, and raises the blood levels of glucose and lipids. It is extracted from animals or synthesized for such medical uses as the treatment of asthma. Chemical name: amino hydroxyphenyl propionic acid; formula: C 9 H 13 NO 3 US name epinephrine

When you get adrenaline from anger, fear, or sorrow you get energized, blood rushes through you and your heart beats faster.~Urban Dictionary  

Adrenaline can cause feelings of excitement or one of “fight or flight.” You can get shaky and uneasy as if you have a blood sugar spike. It is a similar feeling to being under a drug… It can intensify your underlying feelings that you have hidden away. Intensify fears or intensify pleasure. It will soon become your drug of choice, your own personal heroin. ~LK


Subspace, Subdrop, subMrs, Floating or Sinking, Domination and submission Scenes, Endorphins, Hormones, What is subdrop, What is subdrop

Endorphines are a class of polypeptides, including enkephalin, occurring naturally in the brain, that bind to pain receptors and so block pain sensation. Any of a group of peptides, resembling opiates, that are released in the body in response to stress or trauma and that react with the brain’s opiate receptors to reduce the sensation of pain.

The name for a set of hormones that affect receptors in the brain, often reducing the sensation of pain or stress. ~Urban Dictionary 

Endorphins can increase the intensity and time you can take the pain. They affect the way you feel emotionally. These endorphins can give you the highest high or a very low low…… much like Adrenaline. Endorphins are chemically very much like morphine. Your muscles will relax and your mood calms. Although, afterward when the flood of the endorphins are gone it can cause what they refer to as sub-drop. Again, this is a submissive’s drug of choice. ~LK

Fun Facts: 

Subspace, Subdrop, subMrs, Floating or Sinking, Domination and submission Scenes, Endorphins, Hormones, What is subdrop, What is subdropEndorphins the feel-good chemical can be stirred in the brain by the smell of vanilla or lavender essential oils. A couple of drops of vanilla in your bathwater. A couple of dabs of lavender on the wrists should do it for you and your Sir. Another interesting tidbit is about chocolate DARK CHOCOLATE, the ones with the most co-co content it can raise your endorphins.. ( Milk chocolate actually does not have the same effect. It can cause anxiety and depression one study added. ) Add strawberries to your dark chocolate and you have a double dose! Exercise, sex, music, and laughter make the good chemical as well.

I found a very interesting fact about adrenaline … Most of the time they talk about foods that raise adrenaline are caffeine, sugars, and alcohol… But, I had not come upon this one before… Spicy foods. You know the ones that actually make your tongue or mouth burn. I guess the burning sensation sends signals to the brain that are similar to the pleasure-pain dynamic like a scene would. So, next time your out at a restaurant, eat something spicy… ( Cayenne or Chili Pepper ) Maybe then run home and again get a double dose of the adrenaline.

Subspace, Subdrop, subMrs, Floating or Sinking, Domination and submission Scenes, Endorphins, Hormones, What is subdrop, What is subdrop

Why Community

Whether it is subdrop or subspace that you are having, that’s what this community is for, a place to cum and share and get sub-port from other subMrs that have had these same experiences and symptoms. You can’t help to form a camaraderie with others in the same dynamic that you are in, you will become a part of our tribe! Hope to see you in the chatrooms or at our LIVE video chats! Learn the Method and Live the Dynamic!!! Join NOW, don’t waste another moment having a mediocre marriage!


Common Question;
Do husDOMs or Dominants have subDrop/DomDrop? This is a whole other article! Cumming Soon!

subSpace and subDrop

Dominates Only community…


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