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submissive Mindset

What does it mean when someone says. “How do I stay in a submissive mindset?”

We all know that when submitting you are yielding to another’s authority or will.  Keeping a submissive mindset means you have the intention of keeping an attitude, disposition, or mood of a submissive through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Transition Ritual

I first talked about using a ritual signifying a change of mindset with Downtime. Let’s explore this ritual even further.  How do you find a way to transition your mindset from vanilla to submission, daily? You know the time you may get home from work, or maybe when your husDOM returns from work, in the evenings, how do you signal the time you are D/s-M?  What transition ritual could you do that signifies to you both that the time you are spending together that evening is your D/s-M time? You are giving the signal that you are his?

Busy subMrs & Vanilla Schedules

Weeks can be so busy with vanilla schedules that most couples can not have D/s-M time together every night. Why Mr. Fox and I recommend doing downtime at least 2 times a month, we also advise that you have a schedule or make one make sure you are ritually

D/s-M Communication, Downtime Communication, Feeling safe in your D/s-M, safety in communication, Finding safety through communication, subMrs, D/s-M,submissive Mindset, Transition Ritual, Submissive Attireshowing one another, in some manner, that you are submitting and your Sir is being your Dominant.  This feeds and also enables growth within your D/s-M Lifestyle.

submissive Attire

How would you show your submission on your sleeve, well how about literally…  Yes, have a ritual where you may change out of your day clothes into your subMrs or submissive attire. These clothes could be anything from a zip-down cover-up, pull over kaftan, a muumuu, or even a robe.  Your subMrs or submissive clothing needs to signify your submission to your Sir.  First, you want it to make you feel sexy.  You should feel vulnerable, wear nothing underneath.  You want it to have easy access for your husDOM or Dominant to be able to feel and see what is his in a few seconds.  You may want to get two or three of these outfits so you can wear them all week, using a cleaning rotation.  You know how much leg maybe too much at your house in the evenings if you have kiddos around.  Sit in downtime discuss what it is that you both deem appropriate. Find the ritual way you both want your D/s-M time to be.  Try to schedule at least 3 nights a week to do your ritual attire nights or maybe it will be every evening.  You can also do this for your Sir’s attire. You can get some type of loungewear for him to wear in the evenings.  You also can get your Sir’s clothing out for him as a service to him.

** Watch Calendar for Chat about submissive attire.

Little Kaninchen

Ritual subMrswear or submissive Attire

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  1. It’s so cool that you mentioned kaftans. I was just checking out different ones on Pinterest about a week ago. I’m mid-30s and wasn’t sure if they would look too mature on me. (My mind goes right to Blanche from the Golden Girls 😁She was a little sexpot herself) But I really found some sexy prints and different lengths, so I really like them. I’m sure they feel really sexy on with no underwear underneath but still modest around the kiddos. Going to show Sir, and get his opinion.

    1. They are making a come back! I just went to Victoria Secret and its amazing Kimonos and kaftans and mumu’s… all are back! There will be more as it gets cooler outside! Everyone try to get there submissive wear before the chat on 9/8/17! SO WE CAN DISCUSS! HUGS! LK

  2. The point of the post was great and something I am definitely going to be bringing up to my Sir. But the picture chosen for this post… OMG hilarious. The man looks so serious, then I saw how short his robe was. I must buy a robe and some champagne and see if I can get Daddy in this pose 😈

  3. My master LOVES it when I wear his dress shirts or any dress shirts for that matter. Awesome plus, they are cool enough to sleep in during the summer months and in the cooler months, throw on a under shirt and a pair of leggings and you got yourself a fall outfit! He doesn’t mind when I go out like that and calls it “lazy fashion ingenuity” lol.