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Hi, I’m Colibri!!  Colibri means hummingbird, For being so tiny, they are strong, fearless, colorful, determined. Also, their wings form the infinity pattern. My Sir said, “you are my Colibri, beautiful, strong, brave, impulsive and like the infinity, we are forever.”  That’s the why of my name.

My Back Story

Our story….  we are high school sweethearts, madly in love!!  He was my Prince Charming, always willing and able to slay my dragons.  We dated almost 5 years now married for 30years. Have two kids, both married and several grandpups. My husDom is Sir JK. We have been D/s-M since September, FA in December. Now we are midlife, empty nesters, enjoying this adventure. We are thankful for D/s-M. (husDOM & subMrs)

Finding Our Way

How did we find the Dominance and submission lifestyle …. I saw the 3rd of the FSOG movies, 1st,  from there I read the books and watched the movies. My eyes had been open to an exciting new life.  I was ever so intrigued to learn more. After watching the movies with my husband, he was laying on the couch head in lap, very casually I say”I could live a life as a submissive”, his comment was”What, really?” My reply, ”It’s something that comes naturally to me.” From there I began reading more D/s novels and researching about TTWD. We found husDOM then subMrs. YAY!!!✨ After a few months, I did the FORMAL ACCEPTANCE, he said ”Of, course.” Here we are learning every day and loving this new life. This next half of our life is about healing, growth, and our D|s-M to blossom. The change thus far has been a beautiful one, the feeling of being cherished, secure, protected, adored, as never before. I have forever had his love but these feelings are far deeper. Finding subMrs has been one of those once in a lifetime experiences. 


It has been a source of learning, joy, strength, acceptance, and encouragement. The ability to make forever friendships. That’s to name a few of the things I have found. Oh why am I the librarian, I love reading, especially hot Alpha male Dominance and submission books!!  Please join me on this journey to share books together.

Thank you for reading a rambling version about me! You are all a new chosen family added to my heart.


Blessed Be,


Please join me in congratulating Colibri on her new position!


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  1. Welcome Colibri! I love D/s books, especially audiobooks. I just hummed my approval about the 13th book in the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines, Up in flames. I wish there where more dominant romance novels on my Storytell account ❤

  2. Dear Colibri,

    I love that you and your Sir are high school sweethearts! Thank you for being our librarian.

    Warmest regards,
    Belle Soumise