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D/s-M Simple Pleasures

I have been talking about what D/s-M is all about. D/s-M is about finding pleasure in one another, physically, sexually and psychologically.  At first focus on just finding the pleasure in all areas. That delicious mix of pain and pleasure will cum to you as you both put in some time on your D/s-M.  Don’t rush it, as if you are like we were, you need time to adjust from your vanilla to your new submissive self.  The pain/pleasure mix will sneak up and capture you in a way that feels amazing!   There should be no threats or fears.  D/s-M is not about punishments, corrections maybe but NO VIOLENCE.  Finding that lost strength & confidence in yourself and your new husDOM takes a little time but be patient with your new Sirs, they DO have great balls but, DO NOT have a crystal balls.  Work on building your tolerance to a few quality basic implements ( NOT NOVELTY).  Your husDOM will need again a little time to practice and work on his Dominant Braun. Tasting the different flavors that D/s-M can offer. Warning: DO NOT label what you are until you have reached that second phase or you’ll find that you will keep changing your labels…. Keep away from that pressure to be put in any box, unless your Sir wants you in one.. LOL! Now that we have gone back over finding the pleasures, I thought I would give all you subMrs’ a challenge of sorts.

~The subMrs. Challenge~

The next two weeks I would like all of you to read and look at the SIMPLE PLEASURE examples below.

We will have a few prizes for the best overall simple pleasures that you write me about. You can do as many as you can or plan that perfect “original simple pleasure”.  You have to take a picture of proof so we know it happened. Email your entry to LK@subMrs.com.

These have to be simple sexy heartfelt things, nothing extravagant, BUT HAVE TO IMPRESS ME!


Go local park and picnic with skirt & no panties.

Sharing a rainy day in bed.

Spending that spare change you saved up in your piggy bank.

Look deep into his eyes and say something that will melt his heart.

Skinny Dip.

Order him a gift comes to door in a box and let him find it.

Write him a hand written letter.

Meet him some place special and be un-expectantly there first.

Think about your childhood, tell him a TRUTHFUL story he never heard before.

Play your song and ask him to dance.

Take a funny selfie with him and print it and put in frame.

Buy his favorite spirits (drink).

Bend over in something short.

Bake a favorite dessert letting surprise him with the smell of it.

Buy his favorite color bed sheets.

Take a small car ride to a great view.

Give him a compliment everyday for a week.

Workout with him.

Lay naked in a hammock together.

Make a hand signal for I luv you that just you both know.

Play in some water together.

Finish a big unfinished project TOGETHER.

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  1. I am not sure if this counts, but we recently decided to take an impromptu road trip from Key West to Maryland (home). We were in the Keys for a week on vacation with 15 other family members (NO alone time lol) and i was given an extra day off work so we last minute cancelled our flight and took a road trip. It is pretty rare that we get to act like carefree teenagers. We stopped in Daytona Beach, we stopped at a few adult stores (the South has quite a lot lol), we stayed overnight in Georgia for some fun hotel play time, we stopped for some Carolina BBQ (yum!!!), and just took our time and took simple pleasure in each other’s company. What I thought was kind of perfect for this blog post is that I took a silly selfie of Sir and I every time we crossed a state line. I’m making a collage for Sir and framing it. I’ll have to pick my favorite and submit it here 🙂

    p.s. Southern hospitality is no myth! I love it down there! Sir and I may have to migrate one of these days lol