Winter Community Challenge | Pink Cheeks Streak Challenge

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SubMrs Community is having a Winter’s Couple’s Exercise.

Are you up to a CHILLY CHALLENGE?

Would you streak…. happily…. through the snow?

Would you and your husDOM streak through the snow for a sex toy?

I’m issuing a challenge A WINTER COMMUNITY CHALLENGE… BUTT….. there has to be proof!

You can email your or your Sir’s “Cheeky” proof to

Double the cheeks, get double toys!

This challenge RUNS.….. through the month of January!

So.. snow worries to those of us that don’t get snow this early or no snow at all. You have the whole month of January to bring the CHILL!


  • The subMrs cheeks (bottom) must be pink and rosy from some FROSTY FUN!
  • Only rear images… No front-sides or faces.
  • Post image of the CURRENT TEMPERATURE with your rear’s…. entry.
  • Those with NO SNOW… it must be close or below freezing.
  • All sub-missions have to be to email by January 31st!
  • NO Getting arrested for INDECENT EXPOSURE… I suggest … Doing it where others are NOT AROUND!
  • BOOTS, HATS, SCARVES and HATS are allowed and encouraged… CREATIVITY gets extra points!


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