submissive Musing | Vulnerability

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submissive Musing | Vulnerability

~Little Kaninchen~

What is a “muse” you ask…. Well most think of it as a thought or a period of reflection. I want to share some submissive thoughts that are sure to inspire other subs out there to think upon their D/s-M and their submission.

What does it mean to be vulnerable?

Definition, easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally.
To be open to attack, harm, or damage

“Show your vulnerability”

“It feels like weakness”

“No, it isn’t. It makes the person you claim to love actually know that you care for them.”


Many times I read in introductions in our forum, I am a strong female. I am the leader in at my work and even the leader within the marriage up until this point where I want to be the submissive or I want him, my husband to take control. Many of them emphasize how they are NOT weak that they are strong.

I always explain that D/s-M is a dynamic requires a leader and a follower. One to make final decisions. One to have a final say. As a submissive you are to be valued for your service as well as your brain. You still get to add to the mix your opinions and your talents. Your Sir makes the final ruling or outcome. You take the submissive role. You are his “Second”. You have to put down the sword, the control and lay it at his feet. Let him pull you apart and put you back together again. In essence tearing you both apart to form a new better self.

“How do I do this? Forget the strength I had or have now to give it to my husDOM?”

You show him your vulnerability. 

Put yourself in a position that you could be be hurt by him, show him your trust. Show him your commitment to your role in your new dynamic. You have read the words everywhere, “You have to be strong to submit”.  submission is NOT a weakness. In fact it is harnessing all the control, need and desire inside yourself and giving it over to your husband. This will feed him in a way that he’s not ever been made familiar to. This will show your love and the depth that your willing to go to show it. This can be a beautiful thing. Not to be feared or shied away from. Shyness is something that has to be dealt with in the very beginning of your D/s-M with the body exploration scenes that I advise, but that’s another post. Things to show your vulnerability, kneeling, calling him by his Dominant name, exploring your desires and sharing them with him… like you have never done before, tell him your fantasies. Show him physical love like none other… Do the taboo. Instill the desire in him to control you to protect you and use you in the ways you covet.

I have to mention that D/s-M dynamics are one Dominant and one submissive. The dynamic is not a M/s, Master/salve one. This is not a Top/bottom either. You can still have control as a bottom and have a TOP, do just that top you in ways you both discuss that you both want. As a bottom you control the scene and the play and tell your Top what it is you wish to happen. There is nothing wrong with that… Nothing so if that sounds like more your element that you are wishing for then please go for it, make it what you wish. There is also a dynamic where you can “switch”, it is what it says… You can switch the roles.

Stop controlling…. Stop topping as some say. Guide him in the beginning in ways that are respectful. Find ways to control that strength and use it to control your body, control your mouth and most of all your mind. That’s what this is about, becoming a submissive…. becoming more then all your vanilla wife counterparts. Become the freak in the sheets and the lady in the streets! Make your marriage, unforgettable to all. You have one life, make the most of what you have, make the fantasy bigger then yourself. You won’t be sorry!

Forget what you used to be…. What do you want to be now?


SUBMIT to becoming submissive…. Be VULNERABLE! 


An interesting fact: A “muse” is also known as…. 

(Greek myth) any of nine sister goddesses, each of whom was regarded as the protectress of a different art or science. Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the nine are Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania




~Little Kaninchen


submissive Musings | VULNERABILITY…


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  1. lk,

    Great post… It can be difficult for some to understand but you are my rock, my second in command. I turn to you for perspective and for guidance as well. When I need voice of reason or someone to pass my thoughts past, you are always my number one choice. That does not negatively effect my leadership or my Dominance… I believe that it makes them both stronger.

    I do not look for others to take care of you when I am unavailable. I expect you to own the world when you are not beside me.

    Second to only one…


    Mr Fox

    1. You see the way and we can look back to help others. Strength in submission means so much more then most have experienced. I invite all to read into it, what it means and where you want to take it. I will do only my best for you my Sire…. LK

  2. This is soooooo me. And this was what I had to dig down to and explain to my Sir. I’m definitely not perfect but I’m working at being vulnerable one day at a time, laying my sword at his feet and opening myself to him. Submitting. It’s a beautiful thing.

    1. Keep at it… We all are powerful in our dynamics but power can be in submitting not controlling. You can slip back, I’ve slipped and you will feel that vanilla-ness coming back. It’s actually that feeling of not being in control when you try to control things the most. Being consciously aware of your submission is what it’s all about… SO important when you slip that you have a Dominant that will be there to help guide you back into that place that makes you both powerful again. Thank you for commenting.. Wish you well in your D/s-M… HUGS LK

  3. I think I have a new favorite post LK…one to read over and over again until my stubborn brain absorbs it all, lol! I’m so glad you wrote about being vulnerable because for me, it was/is easier said than done. The great thing about hind sight thou is that it is 20/20, and in reflection, forcing myself to continue to be vulnerable to Sir has brought us to a great time in our dynamic. I know I have more work to do in regards to this topic, but I trust Sir to be right beside me while I continue to learn how to let go!
    As always, thanks for all you do.

  4. This is where I need to focus. I lovingly and enthusiastic submit to his will, but I am holding back our growth by selfishly hiding the cracks in my armor that could shatter me, but also can only be mended by his hand. I’m just scared and ashamed to ask him to shoulder more.

    This is the center of my need to ask for formal acceptance, and also my reluctance to do so.

    1. Totally normal to have these feelings. You can not ask for something that you are not willing to do yourself. You want D/s-M, you have to submit to him. Its not a master/slave thing though remember this is your gift to him and if he accepts you both work to build it and make it the best you can together.
      You just have to drop the control or the armor and communicate these exact words to him that you commented here. Best sub-wishes! LK

  5. In the past few days I have read so many of your articles, and enjoyed every single one. However, none have resonated with me quite as much as this one. We are still finding our D/s dynamic. I yearn to submit, but learning not to be a bossy boots is hard LOL.

    Thank-you for all the effort Mr Fox, yourself, and your other Submrs ladies put in. You are wonderful, friendly people. I just know I will grow with your support and knowledge.

    1. Welcum to the Warren LG, thanks for commenting on the post. I have sooo many submissives that struggle with this, thus I wrote the post to help those subs. Find what dynamic works, D/s-M or more a TOP/Bottom dynamics. Be honest with yourself and with your Sir and make your marriage something special… HUGS! LK

  6. LK thanks for this post. Lack of vulnerability has been a hurdle for me in many aspects of my life, my marriage to be included. The words of not only this blog – but the posts and responses afterwards – really speak to me. I do need to learn to trust others more, and what better place to begin than with my lifetime mate? Seems like a good goal for the upcoming weeks (ask for help or advice, show vulnerability…)

  7. Just found this post and it was EXACTLY what I needed this morning. Starting my own week of kneeling and focus on future goals and this really helps . Thank you 🌸

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