submissive Tools | S/submissive Mirroring

submissive Tools | S/submissive Mirroring

submissive Mirroring

One of the most important subMrs or submissive tools is the ability to do S/submissive Mirroring.   S/submissive Mirroring is taking a look at yourself or a situation in a mirror and finding the things you can do to get the results that you desire.  It’s the submissive tool or action to take INSTEAD OF MANY TIMES POINTING FINGERS AT WHAT THE OTHER PERSON (husDOM) IS DOING OR NOT DOING.  You are in charge of seeking out your submissive and working together in making your D|s-M, Married Dominance and submission dynamic. If things are not going the way you wanted them to or you feel like somehow things are coming up short then it’s a good time to do submissive mirroring.  When you take a look in the mirror… Look at what you are doing. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!  Observe your actions, your attitude, your mannerisms. What can you do to those things to change the outcome to something more preferable.  Basically, you are taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Just think, how wonderful it would be to change your perspective enough to get or achieve whatever it is you want with in your married Dominance and submission dynamics.

Couples Mirroring

Eventually, you and your Dominant will be able to communicate and “mirror” together or Couples Mirroring.   For example,  a ritual is not working for one or both of you then you sit in downtime and take a look at yourselves and find ways you both can change what your doing and then negotiate how to make the ritual work better for both of you.  Many times it’s not about the one person but working on both sides of your dynamic.  You always can improve your D|s-M by taking a good look at yourself.

Please like & comment on this post.  Leave your examples of how you have mirrored in your submission, inquiring subMrs need to know!


Best sub-wishes!





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  1. Such great timing on this post LK, as you and I had a discussion just today about working on myself and sitting with Mr B in downtime to discuss some issues that have been arising. I need to first and foremost work on myself and my submission so that I can be more aware of my own surroundings and needs and wants and then work on our couples mirroring and see where we need to work on our dynamic as a whole!

    Once again thank you for this reminder ..