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Love Letter

Writing a Love letter for Your Dominant

~Valentines Day~

With Saint Valentine’s Day coming, Love is in the air. I wanted to write a real romantic love letter to my Dominant, Mr. Fox.  Valentine’s is commercialized and set’s many an expectation for vanilla couples. Now I want to also say, Mr. Fox travels for a living and is rarely home on the actual holiday and we did not really celebrate it if he was not home.  When we did get to go out on Valentine’s Day the food is not good due to over packed restaurants.  As a vanilla wife I wanted “wooed” in ways unlike any other day of the year. Let us say that my expectations were one of a romance novel and were always dashed by the time I reached the restaurant.  [ SAD TRUMPET SOUND…..] This was not Mr. Fox’s fault because he had no idea of my high expectations for those Valentine’s Day’s he was home.  This year again Mr Fox will be away but I wanted to do something for him to let him know yet again how much I appreciate what he has given us, D/s-M.  Hand writing a letter has become something from the past. This made me think of the movie, Pride & Prejudice, one of my favorite’s. If you live under a rock somewhere and have not seen the movie or know of it, please watch it with your husDOM.  There was a letter sent to Elizabeth from Mr. Darcy and it will touch your heart.

How to Write a “Proper” Love Letter

Before I started my letter to Mr Fox, I first wrote out a list of things about him that stick out to me as his best character traits and physical attributes.  Then,  I am always the one to find out how to do something “properly” this usually gives me a jump off where to start. First, when you begin writing you always want to start out with the purpose of your love letter. ” This is my love letter to you.” or ” Today, I am writing you on this special day.” This way your husDOM knows this is something special. Next, in your love letter you want to write about something that happened in the past with your husband that will touch him deeply. ” I remember when you first held the door for me.” or ” When I looked into your eye’s after asking for TTWD.” After this then go into a couple of his character traits he has presently of his that you hold dearly.  ” You are always honest. ” or “You always make me feel safe. ”  You can write out all these parts separate on index cards and then put them together in different ways to see what sounds the best. Look at your original list and find the thing you most admire about his physical being. “Your blue eyes are like pools of water” or ” Your cock can take me places that I never knew.” ~ HEY add your D/s-M and fun in where ever you can. After the fun you must add that you will always be faithful in some manner.  ” I will stand by your side, faithfully.”  Then you end with your hope for the future. “I have always loved you and now I love you even more into the future.” or “As time passes my love only grows.”

The Beginning and the End

At the top of your letter you want the best and most romantic way to address your husDOM. This will be different for each subMrs… It could be his Dominant name or any term of endearment, my dearest, honey, babe (puke), sweetheart, even pookie-bear (double barf). LMsAO!  Now, one last thing that you may want to end the letter with is a quote from another love letter from the past or something from a romantic book or piece of poetry. Google romantic quotes, poems ect…. After a few rough drafts, you will cum out with a loving and romantic letter to your Dominant husband.

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”

― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets


The interior decorator in me wants to make sure I add some accessories to this love letter to your Dominant.  These accessories should add something to his 5 senses. Smell, spray with perfume, something for him to touch, glittery hearts that fall out everywhere, representing what he does to your heart. Taste, his favorite candy, cupcake or lolli-pop.  Be thoughtful in your accessories and mindful of your submission.

Valentine’s Day and D/s-M

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love. In D/s-M we make our marriages first again and therefore we are celebrating our love in lots of different and exciting ways all the time. Valentine’s Day is yet another day to celebrate what your Dominant husband or husDOM means to you. Write your love letter’s and let us know what your Sir thought of them. HUGS!

Mr. Fox and I wish you all a HAPPY ST. VALENTINES DAY! 






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Wiki,, Pablo Neruda


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  1. I have always enjoyed writing to My HusDom. We use to write poems to each other when we first started dating. Ill have to see if i can find the one I first wrote him that he keeps hidden in his closet. Snag an old line off of it. This is going to be so much fun!

  2. I just wrote my dom his letter. We are doing Valentines early so I will give it to him then. I have journaled before for him but not like this. I am hoping he likes it.

      1. My dom loved his letter. He thought it was so sweet and special. He loved the added touch of smell to the letter. Said it smelled like me:) Thank you for having us do this. We had a great time on our few day get away and explored some new things together.

  3. I am so happy to see all you ladies excited to write your letters! Great gracie, go get some special paper… do your final drafts on it! Role it up like an ancient scroll… LOL !! Very excited to hear how your Sir’s react!


  4. This is fabulous advice! I asked and hinted to BigOne what his submissive wife could do for him for Valentine’s Day, and he said. ” Come to North Carolina with me”. 🙂 While I love and appreciate the sweet sentiment of that answer, it didn’t really help me think of anything. I was thinkIng that I wanted to write him a love letter, since I just can’t think of anything else to do, and the 7 Days of Christmas pictures and poems is a tough act to follow! However, I had no idea how to start or how to organize my thoughts. This post is perfect! Thank you, as always, LK, for inspiring the returning romance in my marriage.

  5. I write Sir love notes when I have the chance to make his lunches and will sign a card with a paragraph or two however, I haven’t written him letters since he was deployed. As he will be both gone and out of communication this is a great excersize to make me feel connected to him on the day, as well as a lovely homecoming surprise when he finally gets home! I love gracie’s idea of getting pretty paper for it as well. Thanks lk!
    xoxo- darling

  6. As a very new Sub this has given me something to really enjoy creating for my Dom – after 15 years of perfect vanilla we are flourishing into something new & very, very exciting! I think a letter will give him a different thrill to the internet memes that we love to send each other! Thank you LK x

      1. My Dom LOVED his letter! He says it brought a tear to his eye & he thinks it was the most amazing idea – he couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. I popped a pair of panties in with it which ramped up his day at work lol! Thank you LK – it brought us even closer…. xx

  7. Gah, I’ve not written a letter to anyone by hand in a good decade! This will be a great growth challenge…thank you for the inspiration to do something out of the ordinary.

    1. Thats why I challenged all the subMrs to do a hand written love letter. These things take time and feelings to do. I wish you the best and please write about your experience in the forum! lk

  8. I wrote my letter in my head several times before putting it to paper- I found I still had trouble expressing all I feel for my Sir. Our “Valentines celebration” didn’t go as planned, going to try again tonight. Buck had a headache and went to bed early (and alone) and slept through to this morning- so he needed the sleep. So– my hand written letter, on special stationary, written with a special pen will wait for tonight. Thank you LK for this special challenge- it was a good time to examine my heart and express (or try) my feelings of love and appreciation to Buck. I look forward to doing more of it through journaling.

      1. Dinner and letter went well, I told him in my letter how much I have grown. Buck admitted I have made him grow too, guess that is why we are a good team. 🙂 No hot tub tonight, he still is not 100%. 🙁

  9. i would love to do this. How do i ask for permission to write (writing is my favorite pastime so it is rewarded to me vs being something i can always partake in) Him this love letter without giving away the surprise or telling untruths? Please, share your thoughts with, and thank any of you who help, in advance, for your time. Have a wonderful day!