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In Married Dominance and submission, you’ve had that feeling…. The feeling of how everything aligns between you and your Partner or Dominant. It is a feeling of euphoria. I’ve felt this during our D/s scenes or at playtime, the type of intimacy that brings tears to your eyes, tears of happiness.  But, in general everyday,  I’ve also felt it with my Sir during a dinner or a nights out since we started our D/s-M journey.   Paying great attention once again to each other.   Both of us and our senses in tune.  A couple examples, we had gone to dinner and another person had anonymously paid for our dinner then two other times our bar tabs were paid, again anonymously.  They all mentioned that we looked so in love. Another time, we traveled out of state and we put together a big table of friends for dinner. We had just started our D/s-M journey. We were having a wonderful time and a man came to our table and spoke to my Sir and said he saw how we much were so in love. He was from California and owned a winery there. He gave us all wine for dinner for the whole table, the whole night! A very expensive wine and invited us to come there when we go to California again. I think the outside world sees it and feels it… It’s amazing A couple weeks ago we were in a Chipotle of all places and a girl came out and gave us a complimentary gift card for our next visit.

Are we putting off some type of vibe? I ask my Sir, “is D/s-M written on our forehead?”  I am now thinking, we are illuminated from within and it shows. We are engaged again with one another totally and completely.  D/s-M did this for us.  Most people see it maybe feel it, not your D/s-M but they do see your light shining through.  A couple they may wish to be.  Something they wish to have once again.

Is your light shinning?


Little Kaninchen

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  1. writingthebody 6 years ago

    And happiness glows….and I nominate you yet again…do feel free just to accept the award and just answer a few of the questions guys…..the sunshine award! http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/

  2. hispetitelle 6 years ago

    It’s exactly what I wrote about the other day. He is the sun and he shines his light on you, the moon, and you are illuminated. My Sir is always getting free tickets…concerts, sports, events…and people are always saying to him, “Here you go, so you and your wife can have a night out.” I know when my Sir is in his element people are drawn to him. I see so clearly now my role in supporting him and when I shine his light gets brighter, which makes me brighter and it keeps going on and on and on. People want to know what is going on because it’s what they want in their lives, too. Such a great post.

    • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

      Thanks… We are learning from the same book… Lol! ❤

  3. SassyMagpie 5 years ago

    Sir and I had a similar experience. Last summer someone picked up our bar tab. He said he enjoyed seeing such happy newlyweds. The shock on his face when we told him we had been together for 19 years.

    • Mr Fox | Founder 5 years ago

      Sassy Magpie,

      During our trip to Vegas last week the lady at the rental car counter thought that we were going to Vegas for our honeymoon!

      We will be married this fall for 25 years!


      Mr Fox

  4. Little Red 5 years ago

    People will ask me about my precious Sir, I will tell how incredible, and caring he is. They will reply, “Aw, newlyweds, how sweet.” I reply we have been married 15 years.. They are always shocked that we are still crazy in love, and lust for each other. Also, thanks LK and Mr. Fox for helping us love each other in new and deeper ways, and not care what others think. Life is too short to not enjoy each other! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  5. Subdabolina 2 years ago

    That sounds so beautiful. I’m starting my journey, everything is so intriguing.

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 2 years ago

      Just remember to be flexible and keep your expectations to where you are realistic with things. It takes time to grow… You will find your way. XOXOX LK

  6. Filina Ambassador 2 years ago

    What incredible experiences LK! We haven’t been through anything like that, but people still think we are newly weds sometimes!

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