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Friday the 13th, Weaving your Own Luck, Spiritual Hare, Making Your own luck, Luck Ceremony, Frey, Venus, Frigg, Frigga, Erotic Goddess', Weaving Luck, Spiritual Hare, Spiritual Luck

In the past people were afraid of Friday the 13th and some still are. But, modern day, we are beginning to find ways to make our own luck on this day.  Friday the 13th contributes to an annual loss of between $7-9 million dollars in revenue that would be gained on this particular Friday.  Most do not want to push their luck on this day or do much of anything on this day.

Making Your Secular Luck

  • Travel: You can airlines tickets are cheaper on Friday the 13th because no one wants to be in the air on the unluckiest day of the year.
  • Investments: Use this day to your advantage, stock prices tend to fall on Friday the 13th. Spiritually, Friday the 13th is considered by believers to be the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth.many rituals and spells are often conducted on this day in order to make the most of this beautiful energy.

Weaving Your Own Spiritual Luck or Warding off the Bad

Historically, in Norris mythology, Fridays were a day of celebration and 13 was a sacred number because it corresponded to the 13 yearly moon and menstrual cycles in women that occurred each year. Spiritually, it is considered the day of Venus and Freya (Frigg), the goddesses of sensuality and love and is a day to embrace all that is sensual, sexual, and the creative within us. The number 13 holds the meaning of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood, all elements of the femininity.

Spiritually you can make your own luck or ward off the bad on Friday the 13th by making a Celebration Tray honoring one of the 3 goddess’. 


  • Read below and decide which Goddess you want to connect with and ask for her favor. Below are their symbolisms. That will help you choose the one to contact and ask for her favor or luck on this day.

Goddess Freya

  • One of the principal deities of the Norse pantheon, the lovely and enchanting Freya was a goddess of blessings, love, lust, and fertility. A preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology, famous for her beauty, and fine material possessions.  Because of these predilections, she’s considered to be the “party girl” and free spirit. Freya’s golden chariot was pulled not by horses but by two cats. Both cats were described as being blue or gray and had been a gift from Thor. This is VERY INTERESTING!
Friday the 13th, Weaving your Own Luck, Spiritual Hare, Making Your own luck, Luck Ceremony, Frey, Venus, Frigg, Frigga, Erotic Goddess', Weaving Luck, Spiritual Hare, Spiritual Luck, Goddess Freya
  • Most famous symbolism associated with Freya is the Brisingamen Necklace.  A gold necklace that sparkled and shined so beautiful that Freya was willing to sleep with dwarfs to have it.
  • White Feather or Wings
  • Watches over the unsanctioned marriages
  • Freya’s Brother, Freyr is associated with fine weather and good fortune. You may ask her to put a good word with him for you.
  • Her Oracle Card: A phase of your life may be coming to an end, but it’s important to acknowledge it’s not the end. When one door closes, another opens. You may have been desperate for change, but now that it’s here, you could feel vulnerable.
  • Her Tarot Card: Tells you that you love all things that give pleasure, harmony and beauty. You love jewels, crystals, clothes, lovemaking, and arts and crafts. You are in command of your destiny, brimming with confidence and creative force, fueled by a restless sexual energy. Mobility and freedom: you may be leaving a confining situation, (while keeping your wealth intact). You will not settle for mediocrity; you are a lover of heroes and require a partner whose exploits match your won! The best time to call upon Freya is on Friday’s!

Goddess Frigga/Frigg

  • The highest of goddesses, Queen of Asgard. She was also the goddess of marriage, homes & families. She watches over sanctioned marriages. Her name comes from the verb “fríja” = to love.  A sky goddess, responsible for weaving the clouds and therefore for sunshine and rain and the fertility of the crops.  She could tell future, discerning the course of fate and could work within its structure to bring about change, often by symbolically weaving new events into being.
Friday the 13th, Weaving your Own Luck, Spiritual Hare, Making Your own luck, Luck Ceremony, Frey, Venus, Frigg, Frigga, Erotic Goddess', Weaving Luck, Spiritual Hare, Spiritual Luck, Goddess Frigg, Frigga
  • Feathers/Bird: Falcon Feathers (Brown/White)
  • Amber or red/orange crystal
  • Her Oracle Card: You are at a moment of great good fortune in this lifetime. You have created for yourself more than enough, and now the goodness that is flowing to you must be invested and used wisely. It is easy to squander youth or beauty or opportunity, as they seem such an eternal gift – but this card is here to share with you that it is time to ensure that this wonderful moment is worked with wisely. Invest in yourself and in your health, create more wealth, learn and study, and also offer your support and investment to worthy others. Take care of yourself, and truly make yourself into who and what you have always wanted to become. This time will come around again, but it will not last forever – and so Frigga wishes for you to consider the gifts you are being given, the bounty coming to you, and consider with great vision and earnestness what will provide for you and your loved ones in the years to come. Be ready to act! Your future can be created now – and the ability to continue prospering – your skills, your home, your mind, your body. Take care of yourself, and watch the good fortune that flows from your wise investment, for many years to come.” -Google
  • Her Tarot Card: Frigg gazes up into the sky, but even now, “at rest”, the ever practical, busy goddess is weaving ribbons through her hands as she contemplates her next task to complete, as signs of abundance, petals and a bunny bound around her. Versatility and practicality are needed right now. Don’t get caught up in flights of fancy, making plans that will never come true. You have too much on your plate to get distracted like that. Play to your strength, find realistic ways to get the job done, so you have the time to maintain balance in your home life (and your self-care)! The Queen of Pentacles can also represent a maternal, welcoming figure in your life – warm, caring this person manages to keep their temper and is unflappable, regardless of the chaos around them. -Google

Goddess Venus

Friday the 13th, Weaving your Own Luck, Spiritual Hare, Making Your own luck, Luck Ceremony, Frey, Venus, Frigg, Frigga, Erotic Goddess', Weaving Luck, Spiritual Hare, Spiritual Luck, Goddess Venus
  • Venus in ancient Roman Mythology was an Italian goddess associated with cultivated fields and gardens and later identified by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. Venus was fluid sexually and embraced male and female lovers alike. She was beautifully exotic and known to use love potions.
  • She represents femininity.
  •  Venus protects us against sexual vices.
  • People viewed her as a champion and protector to prostitutes.
  • Sensual activities were a part of the worship of Venus in Rome. Her temple was wildly extravagant not only inn its decorations but in its abundant debauchery and sexual immorality.
  • Symbols: Rose, Myrtle, Mint offering any of these you may receiving blessings in return.

Friday the 13th Tray or Altar

Your tray needs to be made a few days before. The ceremony done before the 13th, for the weavings to have time to work.

  • First place something on the tray that represents the goddess, something maybe mentioned above.
  • On your tray or altar make sure to include anything that holds special meaning for you, an offering of sort.
  • Add gemstones and/or crystals that you think the energy goes along with your request or the goddess you’ve chosen.
  • Oyster or snail shell to represent coming out of your shell. Any shell can also represent giving birth to something.
  • Writing the things that you are warding away on a slip of paper and burning it, after the sun goes down. (You’ll need a shell, burner or fireplace.
  • If you enjoy working with the element of fire, light a candle. Candles can be supportive of your connection to feminine spirit.
  • Place their oracle or tarot card, If you practice or have decks of cards you can choose 2-3 more cards that are focused on giving you insight into your intention and then place them on the tray.
  • The most important aspect of your tray is to include something that it is reflective of who you feel yourself to be. It’s a way to show the goddess that you are committed to your request, showing her a REAL piece of who you feel you are.
Friday the 13th, Weaving your Own Luck, Spiritual Hare, Making Your own luck, Luck Ceremony, Frey, Venus, Frigg, Frigga, Erotic Goddess', Weaving Luck, Spiritual Hare, Spiritual Luck, Spiritual Tray, Spiritual Altar, Friday the 13th Meditation


I like to use my essential oil diffuser with sage, mint or eucalyptus.

Light your candle.

Start with a short opening meditation and call in your goddess.

If you have written your closings on paper, then go ahead and light them and out them into your shell, burner or fireplace.

Focusing on your feminine energies of expression, sexuality, and creativity, (Wear something sexy), can be particularly potent.

Ask her for her help on this day. Make sure to thank her at your closing.

Write about your experience in a journal, track it and see how it works for you.


A celebration life, or asking for a Goddess’ favor makes Friday the 13th a beautiful day for getting in tune with your emotions and sensitivities and giving thanks to the Goddess’ that lives in us all. Friday the 13th used to actually be a lucky day in ancient cultures. Whether you believe in the spiritual or not, use today to make your own luck.

Best subMrs Wishes, or Good Luck!



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