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submissive (subMrs.) Lifestyle Coaching

 Expectant submissive Personality

Expectant: Having or showing an excited feeling that something is about to happen, especially something pleasant and interesting. ~Google


Most of us submissive’s (subMrs.) have a desperate need please…. But our deepest thrill comes from having a goal or something to look forward to… Some plan or promise.  We want to be able to mark our calendars monthly with downtime, scenes and playtime. I recommend that you and your Sir discuss taking a couple days and go away once every few months. A hotel a city away will feel like you have gone a state away. Go explore a new place together. Maybe sit in downtime and discuss every month what new experience you want to both try. We all are like children running to the Christmas tree, Christmas morning, when getting a new brown box that has mysteriously shown up at the front door. We need this as much as we need our next breath…. OK….. Exhale…. inhale…. ok, exhale.


~~submissive (subMrs.) Lifestyle

D/s Schedule:

Downtime: 1x/week…. in person. More whenever needed.

Scenes: 2x/month

Playtime: 2x/month or whenever the mood strikes… or breakdown parts to a scene to practice for your for your next one.

New Experience: Training Sessions, Take a class or attend a munch, A harder Scene, Trying a new Toy for the first time.

submissive Self: submissive’s should pick a foundation exercise and work on it. Something that will make her Sir proud of her and in return show her commitment to her role. (Foundations: Respect, Honesty, Good Communication, Trust and Love.) Also, find something that makes you feel good about your submission.. New polish, new panties, exercise. Find what  works……….

Building your Sir: This is where you pick something that will help your Sir build his Dominant. This can be reading to him, showing him images, Thanking him in a special way for the lifestyle, Find a way to pay him respect.

Note to submissive’s …..

submissive’s read this and talk to your Sir’s tonight. If you want something to look forward to you have to let your Dominant know. He is not a mind reader……Communicate your desires.  Get your calendars out and start filling them in…and get that something to look forward to. The Domination and submission lifestyle is a true commitment. Do you have the subMrs. expectant personality? I know I do….


Hugs, Little Kaninchen




Dominate Community …www.husDOM.com





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  1. “submissive’s should pick a foundation exercise and work on it. Something that will make her Sir proud of her and in return show her commitment to her role.”

    As always, a great post and good advise!

  2. Great article. Especially for a newbie like me. Helps put things in perspective. I am a very organized person and I like to plan things. So for me the schedule helped. Will definitely share with my Husdom tonight. Thanks

  3. Loved this post, it’s funny you said to share this with your sir tonight, after reading just half of it’s told Sir I wanted to read it to him…lol. I am working on respect & service. Kneeling & serving. I had my wax for him which always makes me feel good! Also I read a post a day to him and have been sending him pics with info or sayings on them via text daily to help him build his dominance.
    This post also gives us direction on things to talk about during downtime!
    Thx LK for this post!

  4. I wish I had found this site many years ago. My husDom and I got involved in the Lifestyle very early into our relationship and had some of the most amazing experiences. Our Lifestyle quickly morphed into a D/s power exchange (not BDSM), but my intense hyperindependence and overzealous need to please/fix/contribute often led to me be controllING instead of being controlled. I am not sure if we can put it back together– he has accepted me back too many times and seems pretty apathetic and resentful at this point. As many of you know, the D/s relationship is incredibly intimate– not just sexually, but in every way. I hope I have not ruined this forever. As I read your posts, I feel so much regret for not doing things differently. Maybe I can still educate myself and someday convince him I am worth another try. —Feeling a little defeated at this point. Thank you all for all of your honesty and sharing.

    1. Histoi,

      If things first, stop controlling. Some women want to retain some control over their D/s, and that is ok if that is what works for you both. That dynamic is really a TOP/bottom dynamic where you as the bottom retains some control of what is happening. Some women just want the experiences of being submissive, like weekend warriors (subs) and that really is more of kink in bedroom type thing, and thats ok to, if its set up between you both. D/s-M is a lifestyle all its own. You have to submit to your Dominant or husDOM, he has last say in what happens, yet takes into consideration your thoughts and feelings on things overall. It can be bedroom only… or overall relationship, which really D/s-M is… You’re married and when trying lifestyle it means it is 24/7. You live with him it will evolve around your entire relationship. I would say, tell him everything you said here. Read my posts about purging and wiping the slate clean…. then ask to try again using my teachings and doing that Formal Acceptance. If you feed him he will do the same. Best Wishes, LK… OH yeah, also have him register at http://www.husDOM.com and send Mr Fox a message.

  5. Dear LK,

    This post is so packed full of solid and usable information. I am finding that if I reread the posts they give me something different each time. Each phase of submission that I enter brings a new understanding of this beautiful dynamic. Thank you!

    Warm regards,