Warren Gathering 2016 | Vegas Eyes Wide Shut in Paris

***OK, drum role, we now have the links for everyone to buy images and albums for 2016.

You have/had to be a member of the gathering group to get to images. Your info is there. HUGS! LK

 Warren Gathering 2016 | Las Vegas Eyes Wide Shut in Paris


Limited seats…. Please reserve your seats before February 22nd. After that date hotel pricing is NOT guaranteed.

If you’re interested in joining “The Gathering” Please see the attached Link www.husDOM.com for more information and tickets. Come and meet Little Kaninchen and Mr. Fox.

Please if you are curious of maybe being more a part of subMrs or husDOM please do not hesitate to contact LK and Mr Fox. We are looking for fun active couples to join our sites. Wether you are a seasoned couple or new, coming to the gathering is a great way to meet other like minded couples and decide for yourself if you want to get more involved here on the sites.

Vanilla & not Sure if you want to add the Fifty Shades of Grey dynamics to your marriage? This is a great way to try it and talk with couples that have been practicing the lifestyle for years. Here on subMrs & husDOM we are pro-marriage. We believe in a healthy relationship practices but still you can have your edge and amazing experiences together while keeping your foundations.


~Warren Gathering 2016~

Sample Itinerary

Meet & Greet

Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Ball & Ritual


Private Kinky Shopping Event

Optional show & dinners

Round Table Meetings

Site Seeing

Any questions please email or PM me here on the site!


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