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Here on we have a submissive or subMrs book club, group, chatroom and Live video discussions.  There are so many GREAT fictional Domination and submission books out there to read. We are very excited to share these with all of you married subMrs. I will be attending some of these live video chat discussions and at the end of these chats I will be available for submissive questions. We are very happy that we have a subMrs/submissive that has very nicely volunteered her time to be our librarian. Please help me congratulate Colibri on her new position here as the subMrs, submissive chatroom, submissive library, live sub chats

Most months we will be exploring a new Dominance and submission book. There will be chapter’s assigned on our calendar that will be discussed during our scheduled live video chats.  Watch the calendar for these dates.  We also have the chatroom where things will be posted about the book and where you can make comments.  The submissive library group has a forum as well where you can comment or catch up on any read.  Please don’t hesitate to join our submissive book club and group.  Join us at our next subMrs bookclub Live discussion!

subMrs submissive book club

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  1. littlrkittn 2 years ago

    Are you all still doing the book club and how do I go about getting the book? Do I order it myself(on My Kindle app)? Have you moved on to another book and when will.rhe next live chat be?

  2. littlrkittn 2 years ago

    I would love to.join your book club but I am.nit sure ho it works-aee you all on this same book and do I purchase it through my Kindle app
    Or somehow through here? Also when is the next live chat scheduled? I look forward to meeting some friends as we are.all on this wonderful submissive journey together! Littlrkittn

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 2 years ago

      littlrkittn, We are putting together this months book now and we will be announcing it very soon. Mica is our subMrs librarian, next time you see her on chat stop say hello….

      HUGS! LK

  3. BellaRose/Mr.Lab 5 months ago

    Congratulations Colibri! I’m so excited that the book club is going to be starting up again.

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