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The Mister, E.L. James

I thought it only fitting for our first book to be written by the author so many of us have a great fondness for. The author that sent many of us in search of our D|s-M lifestyle.

Hoping as your new librarian, I have chosen a brand new release. That it attracts the attention of those well into their D/s-M and those new to the married Dominance and submission dynamic.

This is our first book to jump start the revamp of our subMrs. library, chat room, and video chats.  We are very excited to make the book announcement. ~ Using my best announcement voice, “Presenting for your erotic reading pleasure.”…   “Drum roll, please……..”

“Erotic Cinderella story,” The Mister author E.L. James. James likened it to a modern-day version of Cinderella and described it as “a passionate, erotic love story” with plenty of sex-filled pages to boot. As if that wasn’t enough to sell you, an official description of the tale notes that it’s “a roller-coaster ride of danger and desire that leaves the reader breathless to the very last page.” Umm, yes, please!


The Mister will officially be released on April 16. In the meantime, you can preorder it on Amazon below to ensure the raunchy tale lands on your doorstep as soon as humanly possible. Titled, The Mister, the forthcoming novel focuses on Maxim Trevelyan, an aristocratic Englishman who falls for Alessia Demachi, a mysterious woman with a hostile past. This book is due out in April, and presumably concerns itself with a dark, mysterious figure of unquestionably erotic—but refreshing—power:


Alessia opens the door but freezes on the threshold of the room.
           He’s here.
           The Mister!
           Fast asleep facedown and sprawled naked across the large bed. She stands, shocked and fascinated at once, her feet rooted to the wooden floor as she stares. He’s stretched across the length of the bed, tangled in his duvet but naked . . . very naked. His face is turned toward her but covered by unkempt brown hair. One arm is beneath the pillow that supports his head, the other extended toward her. He has broad, defined shoulders, and on his biceps is an elaborate tattoo that is partially hidden by the bedding. His back is sun-kissed with a tan that fades as his hips narrow to dimples and to a pale, taut backside.
           His long, muscular legs disappear beneath a knot of grey duvet and silver silk bedspread, though his foot sticks out over the edge of the mattress. He stirs, the muscles in his back rippling, and his eyelids flicker open to reveal unfocused but brilliant green eyes. Alessia stops breathing, convinced he’ll be angry that she’s woken him. Their eyes meet, but he shifts and turns his face away. He settles down and goes back to sleep.

Join the book club group, Order your copy today and get ready for another amazing ride with E.L. James!! HugZ!!💞 Colibri

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