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Rainbow Party


“Sir, I’m picking out my lipsticks… Which shades do you prefer?”

Thinking of your Sir? This weekend have a party.. Rainbow Party.

Subs get a few new glosses or lipsticks…

See which one looks the best! Be careful in the beginning not to smudge. Be delicate and orderly getting a few rings on. But, by the end I’m warning you it will be smudged.. If you do it right it will be on everything! Put old sheets on the bed because lipstick can be hard to get out of those expensive sheets… Cha-Ching! $$$
Your Sir, will love that lipstick smudged all over your face…. Have fun with it.. Enjoy…

❤❤❤ LK











Submissive Inspiration

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  1. LK, I have read about this fun experience in a book a few years back, I believe it was based off of Alice In Wonderland. The idea of doing this is very fun and gets me excited. I would love to try this on my Sir one day!