Punishment or Funishment | Married Dominance and submission

Punishment or Funishment

Married Dominance and submission


Punishment or Funishment?  There is a thing called a fun-ishment in D/s-M.  Do you know the difference? Do you know how it is used in a Dominant and submissive marriage dynamic? 

When you begin D/s-M you desire to be punished or do you?

First, what is the difference between a punishment and a funishment?

PUNISHMENT: To impose a penalty on, for a fault, offense, or violation.
Also to inflict a penalty for the commission of an offense in retribution or retaliation.
* to deal with roughly or harshly
* to inflict injury on or hurt

FUNISHMENT:  (fun-ishment) When a penalty or consequence applied is done so in a light hearted and flirtatious manner, generally as part of play or scene.  This is usually still done in a corrective manner to maintain the relationship structure.Want to know more? Which one to use or when to use them?

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Punishment or Funishment

Punishing and or Correcting a submissive

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  1. It drives me nuts when I’m trying for spankings and Sir knows I want funishment…and as punishment for being bratty its no swats, paddles, or any attention whatsoever.