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August 5th is National Underwear Day or AKA Twisted Knickers Day on subMrs. Underwear defined are Undergarments are items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin. wink! If you don’t know what knickers are, knickers are underwear or women’s underpants. The term is used primarily by the British, although most Americans usually know what you mean if you use it.

The average woman owns 20 pairs of underwear for daily use, then 14 extra pairs for those special occasions, wink…. wink……..

This holiday can be celebrated lots of different ways and this year we want to celebrate it in 2 ways, a Vanilla way and a Twisted way. We are subMrs with the right amount of submissive charm and etiquette, so we will let vanilla go first.

Vanilla Underwear Celebration

Today is the day subMrs, CLEAN OUT YOUR underwear drawer. Get rid of any quitters, (the elastic has stretched out or given up). Also, remove any “Holiness” (any pairs with holes). Be rid of stained “Shark Week” pairs. Now, once you have cleaned your drawers… LOL…. Now, it is time to replace the old with the new.

Pick colors that mean something to you. Find colors that represent who you are. Use your earth, zodiac, moon signs. I also practice picking colors of the season. Pick a couple that say something fun, like “let them eat cake”.

Twisted Knickers Celebration

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Your Twisted Knickers celebration is all about picking a panty or a few panties for those special occasions we spoke of above or pieces to use in your Dominance and submission dynamic, BDSM-wear. Choose some Erotic Panties. They make crotchless panties, panties with pearls in place the crotch. Chain and Cage panties have the edge made of chain, elastic or leather but nothing in between. A BDSM favorite is the garter harness’. These are all great to remind you of your submission. You can also pair your panty with a vibe, some companies make a panty with a vibe. Th idea is to find something that pushes your limit and makes you feel submissive and sexy!

I will be posting images of these knickers in the activity page on August the 5th, mark your calendars!

Find out where to get these Twisted Knickers!

Go get your knickers twisted!

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