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Fifty Shades Freed


~Movie and Dinner with Mr Fox and lk~

Most of you know that the books in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy were the catalyst for Mr Fox and I creating the FSOG Lifestyle for Married Dominant and submissive couples. So we once again, we…….

formally invite domination and submission married couples to a dinner and movie event with Mr fox and I . We will again travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to watch one of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies, Fifty Shades Freed.  We did this last year and it was a total hit!  We had many couples join us and fly in from several different states.  We also had some couples attend that have been participating on our sites for over 4 years.  We were so humbled and touched that all these wonderful couples used their precious time to come and gather with us once again.  This is a good chance to touch base with other couples in a non-protocol atmosphere.  We do ask that general etiquette rules be followed.

We are inviting all our communities members if they want to attend with us a showing of Fifty Shades Freed and to dine with us at a great restaurant on February 9th, 2018 .


 Regal Starlight Stadium 14 – Charlotte

11240 US Highway 29 Charlotte, NC

9:45 PM/Screen 1

***Please go on their website and get your tickets ASAP.  If you want to sit beside Mr Fox and I please E-mail me and I will let you know what seats you should try to reserve.  

Every time we have an event we try to make a theme of some sort for all of us to do to celebrate all of us getting together and everyone then can recognize who is in our group.  I thought this time because their is “wedding” in this movie, let us all dress in black and white. Also, every subMrs must wear a red rose in her hair, celebrating Valentines Day, of course!  I need to let everyone know that Charlotte in February will be cold and sometimes windy at night. This year has been very cool.  So please dress knowing its going to be chilly outside.

Mr Fox and I stay in downtown Charlotte. When you email I can give you details of where we stay and we encourage other couples to stay at that hotel so we may can after the movie return to hotel bar and have a cocktail and chat.  Most couples will be celebrating Valentines Day this weekend so we may have some goodies for you to take back to your hotel to help with your celebration. Mr. Fox and I will be keeping that in mind and will try not to keep any of you out very late so we all can get to TTWD in our rooms.

subMrs Reminder****

I encourage those couples who attended Vegas 2016, bring those suction cups for your windows. For other’s you may want to pick up a set of glass suction cups. You never know when you’ll need a set of those! 


Let’s all celebrate our Fifty Shades of Grey Lifestyle!


Later’s Baby,

little kaninchen

*****UPDATE: 2/11/18- Once again we had a wonderful gathering of couples to watch the final movie to the FSOG trilogy.  I thought the movie may have been the best of the three. Basically, because they figured out finally how to show a whole sex scene by using flash backs!  My wish is they have more books become films regarding Domination and submission.  We are all out there, we are cumming out and wanting D/s-M to be main stream. Thank you to all that came and made this gathering one of the BEST! 



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  1. Mr. Cain and I will be there!

  2. freedom 1 year ago

    Ooh how fun! I will definitely have to let Sir know… He may even be traveling to Charlotte on business that week anyway!

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 1 year ago

      Freedom please email me LK@subMrs and I can give you details if your Sir says its a go.
      HUGS! Love to meet you both.


      • freedom 1 year ago

        Yay! Sir said it’s a go… buttt, then we checked our calendar and remembered we already have tickets to see Kevin Hart here in Iowa on 2/10 😂 Thank you both for setting this up though… maybe next time! 😘

  3. Fantasea-Prema 1 year ago

    Hi to the lucky subs that are going… darn just bad timing we won’t be able to attend. My mind works in wondrous ways I’m reading Fifty Shades of Darker as told by Christian.. I’m looking forward to when it hits our theater

  4. LilBearCat/BearCat 1 year ago

    Sir and I will be there! Can’t wait!

  5. We will attend this function. Sir purchased tickets for the show and I emailed for the hotel information. We haven’t been to Charlotte in a long time and are going to make a weekend out of it. I’m super excited now!!!

  6. Hello Subbies… Cant wait to see you all again in Charlotte for the Grey Wedding!
    Sir and I also look forward to meeting other like-minded couples!
    Until then…😘

  7. Author
    LK Founder D|s-M 1 year ago

    Please let me know your contact info subMrs and I will give you the restaurant info as well.



  8. I just saw this post last night, so I’m not sure we can get in on this, but it sure sounds like fun if we can work it out! I would love to meet everyone.

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 1 year ago

      Angelica, yes we have space for one more couple! Let me know if you can come ASAP…. I will forward you all the details. HUGS LK

      • We can go! Yay! sir said yes. 🙂 🙂

        • I guess I better get caught up and watch the first FSOG movie before we go! I haven’t seen it. Is this the second one?

          • Dea/ Mr.K sir 1 year ago

            Hi angelica this is the last one.

          • Author
            LK Founder D|s-M 1 year ago

            This movie is the third one… So watch #1-Fifty Shades (of Grey),#2 Fifty Shades (Darker), and we are going to see #3-Fifty Shades (Freed)….
            The books are WAY BETTER then the movies…. So I recommend going back and reading the books and do not hold judgement on the whole story until you read the books.


  9. I actually have read the books…just never saw the movies. I bet it will be fun getting caught up on the movies with BigOne.

  10. SDLFT Toy 1 year ago

    Sir G and I had an amazing time last year. We will miss you all this year because we will be welcoming our first grandchild into the world.

  11. I’m so jealous. I’m teaching a course Friday and Saturday so we can’t attend. However I’m on the 2 year count down until retirement so I hope there are lots of opportunities to connect in 2020 :-).
    what gathering in August LK? can you share any details?
    His kitten

  12. Filina Ambassador 1 year ago

    OMG!!! I can’t wait for this to come out!!! 😀 AHHH!

  13. Hello, for those of you we haven’t met. Mr. Grant and I will be meeting you in Charlotte! We don’t get in until 5:40 so will be a bit late to dinner. LK is aware of this already. Perfect timing, our anniversary is tomorrow (the 6th) so Sir gets out of taking me out for a fancy dinner during the week night! All good, we celebrate with DD. See you all Friday!
    Hugs, Bliss

  14. Dea/ Mr.K sir 1 year ago

    This will be a LONG week!! Can’t wait to meet you all!!

  15. Thank you so much LK and Mr. Fox for once again hosting a great event! It was so nice to reconnect with “old” friends and meet new! What a great time!
    Hugs, bliss and Mr. Grant

  16. I wish we could have made it! It sounds like a great time. My Sir and I saw it that evening here locally.

  17. Author
    LK Founder D|s-M 1 year ago

    Hello subMrs!

    Mr. Fox and I want to thank every couple who joined our group for the FSOG movie and dinner. It was wonderful to see and talk to every couple. Everyone was such a joy to get to know. A lot of new couples got to get a small glimpse into what our gatherings may be like. I hope that many of you got to know a new D/s-M couple and began making those life long friends. HUGS, to all!

    Mr. Fox & lk

  18. LK and Mr. Fox….thank you so much for including us, making us feel welcome and part of your group of friends. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone. You are gracious hosts, and we are so appreciative of the time, generosity, Nd planning that you put into this past weekend. Truly, we are blessed beyond measure to have found this family of friends. Can’t wait to see you all again!

    Much love..

    Angelica and BigOne

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