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    Warning: this is a bit long. Proceed with interest only 😉

       On a night leading up to my week-long travel away from Sir, we both of course were looking forward to scening.  As usual I received my vague pre-scening instructions: shower, shave, and wear only what he’d laid out for me in the bathroom (a pair of frumpy lady underwear and an old, too small strapless black bra...What?...).  Well, mission accomplished as my mind started reeling, imagining what that would mean for the rest of the night. 
    I took my time in the shower, not knowing if I more feared or craved the rest of the night and wanting to give my mind and body time to prepare for the test of the unknown; then adorned myself…lol.  Walking out of the bathroom is always significant for my mind because it’s a statement that I’m ready to begin, whatever may come.  
    As I walked into the kitchen holding my clothes and such, Sir approached...but not with his normal Sir walk, but with his Dom walk: the one that makes your heart jump into your throat, your pulse spike, and skin tingle.  
    He took me by the upper arm with an unusually firm hand, digging his finger tips in.  Setting my clothes aside, he led me to the bedroom…what? We always scene in the basement dungeon when it’s premeditated….
    Sir opened the bedroom door and now my nerves really spiked.  With the quick glance I go, I saw low lights, candlelight, and…a tall chair at the end of the bed… What is that!?! But Sir didn’t give me any more time to formulate my freak out into more coherent thoughts.  He gripped my arm harder and pulled me forward but stopped abruptly at the end of the bed and told me to kneel with one word only.  There was no grace about it; I dropped to my knees in one motion.  I tried to control my breathing and definitely kept my eyes completely diverted down, but then there came the pillow case.  Well, I guess I only had to focus on my breathing then….
    He placed my leather collar around my neck in no gentle terms, knelt in front of me, routhgly cuffing each wrist in leather cuffs and then clipped them both to the bed post and instructed to “stay”…Then he left, shutting the door behind him.  The abandonment worked its magic as I tried to control my pulse, started to sweat ever so slightly, and tried to slow my breathing as the CO2 started to build in my head covering.  
    Sir did eventually return, pulled me up and set me on the chair, explaining theat he would be asking a series of questions tonight and that if I didn’t give the answer he wanted, didn’t give an answer, or took too long, there would be consequences and punishments.  He cuffed my ankles and attached them with a spreader bar under the chair, keeping my thighs open, hooked my wrists together behind my back and strapped my torso to the chair with his leather belt.  
    The night progressed.  The questions increased in difficulty (i.e. what’s your name? What was your favorite masturbation toy before I met him? What!?!) and so did the punishments for incorrect or delayed response (i.e. rabbit, rabbit on clit for extended periods, holding the rabbit in while he left for an undesignated time period, ice, so much ice, ice dildo, the crop…everywhere…a lot…, nipple clamps, nipple clamps on clit (OUCH!!), etc.) Did I mention that on the way home that night he’d asked for a “really” cold fountain pop…hence the ice.  Also, how did he do this with clothes on me? Why, he cut them off with a knife and then used it on my body, tracing my neck, collar bone, ribs, breasts and nipples, thighs, outer lips, clit, etc.  As my breathing quickened, so did the pressure of the knife until I truly thought it might break the skin.:heart: Between the pleasure and pain, he’d periodically raise the hood slightly to wet my lips and parched mouth with his rum and coke, making me grimace, which earned me more crop punishments. 
    When all the questions had been satisfied, I was soaked from seat and the unrelenting forced orgasms and he released me, uncovering my head finally so I could see his sexy presence instead of only the flickering flame of the candle.  Just when I thought I could no longer be aroused another second, he was now wearing my fav: sexy Ariat jeans, my favorite button up Cinch shirt, leather belt, and complete with shoes (SWOON!!! And there I go again!)
    He instructed me on my back on the bed with arms and legs spread.  I couldn’t take my eyes off him! SOOOO hot! Strapped wrist cuffs to head post and told to leave legs spread.  He went down on me fully dressed, fulfilling every subs greatest fantasies.  When he was again satisfied with my disheveled self, he slowly undressed where I could still see him. 
    He was so hard by now and I so can imagine what ensued…What I would never had imagined was that next he clipped my ankles to my wrists…I’ll give you a minute to sort that vision out….Ok.  And yes, I was also socked I could get into that position, not that I had a lot of say in the matter.  Lol.  
    Words of advice; this position shortens the vagina but also opens your thighs up for presumed deeper penetration.  However, if your guy is fairly well endowed, be prepared for an intense challenge…BUT the backdoor is a good option here 😉
    Ok, I know this has gone on for too long.  Sorry! Suffice it to say it all ended in a gloriously intense and blurred sub high and a very satisfied, dominant, sadistic Sir that couldn’t stop grinning.  
    I’m sure I’ve forgotten some details…like the crop covering me from head to literally my toes while stretched out on the bed…but I think this gives you the general concept.  But as many of you may have seen, I usually intro myself with the declaration “that we’ve never been happier, in love and marriage” and now you subbie sisters may understand why.


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    Thank you for sharing this with us! It sounds like a very intense and glorious night!! You have inspired me so much! Just reading this is exhilarating!! He sure wanted you to think of him the whole week!! 🙂

    Best Wishes,


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    So arousing and caused me to remember similar scenes. So amazing when your Sir plans and executes such an intense session. The elements of surprise combined with being blindfolded always intensify the feelings of other senses including one’s thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you for sharing this very HOT scene!


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    Star, amazing!
    I loved reading this 😀

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    Thank you for sharing Star

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    This. Was. awesome.!!!! Thank you for sharing this. This is the stuff we all want in our scenes/play etc. He nailed it (and you, lol 😉 ) as far as interrogation. I love the whole thing!! Bravo, encore!!

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