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    Good Afternoon all,

    I joined just a few days ago and have been acclimating myself to the site navigation and the Discord app.

    I’m so looking forward to engaging with the community and can’t wait to hear your feedback. 😁. It’s so reassuring to know they’re are so many subs that have had the same struggles I’ve been having …(aka feeling uncomfortable leading /directing him in to D/s)

    I’ve been talking and introducing my man to the idea of D/s for over a year now… slowly …… and he knows I have had this in my past and has been actively listening…. (Whew) I feel 💯 the Dom in him is there but he’s really been influenced by his upbringing…so, I’ve been patient. ….I even just backed off and gave the idea up at one point….

    Three weeks ago, he said he was open to engaging and learning more and spent $$$$ on an iPad just so he could read the HusDom and other information I wanted to forward to him.. Yay!! Until now, I’ve never been able to forward the D/s media to him to help introduce him to it … (work phone only 🙄)

    😁😍 He read material constantly for the first week! Now I’m stuck…. but want to keep the momentum. Sex has been supercharged and said he’s interested in ropes/ he already loves using toys on me for hours etc,.we’ve verbally gone through the limits checklist ….played with a couple of non-bedroom rules and one re:masturbation and that’s about it…

    The good news ….We have a 2 week trip planned in 10 days and I’ve planned to ease into it on the trip..it just feels like perfect timing … your thoughts and suggestions are much needed!!! No formal acceptance yet but he would be in 💯 and I just want to passively put some things into motion as well for the trip… but leading through it is so uncomfortable and I need help with that …

    Does this even make sense and sound like the right thing to do??? 🤣😬😬😅

    Thank you so much for your help …

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    I hope you and your husband have a wonderful time on your vacation. Just remember to take it slow. Maybe write a few things down first. Slow and steady and be clear on what you want. You want him to grow at his pace, so he can grow as a Dominant.

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