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    I am finding that as Sir and I travel our way through this journey it is often like learning the tango. In the beginning your both unsure of yourselves, if he can lead, can you really follow?, what if you step on his toes or he steps on yours. You practice, you trip, you get frustrated when it doesn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped ( come on we are human after all). Ahh…but then you find your place and so does he and the dance begins.

    Ok so how does this relate to what we are doing…..well I can only speak for Sir and I but I think we have finally found our dance. I will explain….

    A few days ago Sir and I had a very intense scene…it was wonderful, the sub-drop I experienced afterwards was not. ( Please if you are new or unsure what sub-drop is please type it in the search on here…very important info on there) Anyways, so I know I am having these feelings and come on here to chat. Usually helps perk me back up….not this time. I talked to several of the girls on here ( several of the moderators, a few little friends , etc) all said the same thing….call down time ! Talk to your Sir, etc. etc. I choose not to listen. Something I do not recommend ever. The ladies on here want to help and guide. I choose not to follow this time. I didn’t need to after all I could handle this. I didn’t want to bother him. He had a lot on his plate with crazy hours at work, home stuff, why give him one more burden. BIG mistake.

    Sir knew I was off, knew I needed to talk about it, but waited to see if I would approach him. By the time I did I was an emotional, bratty mess. After a long talk, ( and I mean a very long talk) He asked the ultimate question…Did I really want this? Do I really want him to be my Dom in all things not just in the bedroom. I answer a resounding Yes!

    So I now have new rules, a new schedule, a nightly routine, and time in my schedule for reflection and personal growth, among a few other things. He has taken his role and I have taken mine. Our tango has begun……

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    So happy for you HL! Sometimes what looks like could be a stumble or backwards step in the D/s dynamic, often leads to leaps and bounds forward! Glad you finally talked with Him and learned a very valuable lesson: hold on to those D/s tools (open honest communication, trust, patience, respect, and acceptance) and when you feel something is off, look and see which tool has been dropped. In this case it was the communication. Next time you now know to look at the tools and see how you can be better equipped to help your D/s move forward. Wonderful job girl! Proud of you!!!

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    wow thank you for sharing !!!

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