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    Im just hopping in here to ask for some pointers. I am planning on initiating the conversation of a dom/sub relationship with my husband.
    A little back ground, ee have been married for 6 months, together almost 5 years. I have been a sub before and it is definately a part of me through and through. He has played a little with me in the beginning but we have lost that along the way.
    My question is: how do i approach this without making him feel inadequate or upset. I dont in any way want to make him think that im not happy or that he doesnt do it for me bc he definately does. But im missing that part of myself. I feel like a piece of me is missing.
    Any advise would be appreciated 💕

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     Veruca MOD/Mr. Cain 

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    Hello lady! Welcome to submrs!
    First I would say…do your homework! Before you approach him, read LK’s blogs and get a good idea of what she advises about bringing this to your husband and Formal Acceptance. Bringing D/s-M into an already existing marriage/relationship is a little different than in the “single” world…especially if you want it to be successful. Start reading LK’s blog posts from the beginning and move to the present. Also utilize the search bar to search specific topics in the blogs and forums. In my opinion, yes, you need to do this with care…most of us (not all) have been the ones to bring this to our Sir, so soak in as much information as you can. This community that you’ve joined is awesome and subportive, so take advantage of all of the information you find here and then come talk to us in the chat room when you are ready!

    There is also the site that Mr. Fox has for the Doms (…after you approach it, I would definitely ask him to join.


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     Guinevere/Mr Sky 

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    I am having the same problem actually issue. My husband and I have talked and this is what I really need. We have been married 40 yrs this year. He has come along way but man it is hard to have him let me please him,do things for him, He also worries about hurting me. He hates the term “sir”. Any ideas?

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