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    I am struggling.. Post might get long, I apologize. My SO and I have been in a 10+ yr relationship that we have very recently taken to the D/s dynamic. The 17th will mark a month recent. We are stronger and happier than we ever have been. Makes me wonder why we never found this sooner. If you go off of the quizzes I am a sam/brat/sub. My Sir is a brat tamer and sadist. We don’t have the typical full submission dynamic. He likes my bratness and says he wouldn’t like it if I fully submitted. Regardless we’re both happy with the way things are. Mostly. I am struggling with a couple things.. like headspace. Most of the time I am in a good place. Sir gives me maintenance spankings, I write in a journal that he reads every day at freetime (dinner) and talk about anything and everything going on with both of us. When subs are so new, do they struggle with things because their brain is getting rewired? I get pretty down when life gets in the way of us getting time together. More so than I ever have in the 10 years previously. Everything is so much more intense.. It’s really difficult to navigate it all. I have no friends that I can bounce anything off of.. they’d never understand lol. I have been trying to get on here for a couple weeks now.. had to make a new account because it would not let me log in. So I have been dieing! Please feel free to PM me or friend me. THX for reading and listening. Hope I’m not alone in feeling this way lol.

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    “Sub frenzy” is something we all have had to deal with. Wanting it all and wanting it now, being desperate to be with our HusDoms all the time. You might consider adding kneeling (I had to come up with something other than actual kneeling because of bad knees) to your daily routine. I would kneel for 15 minutes each day and think about my submission and what it meant to me and how I could do it better.
    There are a boat load of articles here submissive mindset that talk about the submissive headspace. This D|s-M is a journey, enjoy it.
    Join in the chats at some point and a lot of the other submissives can give you pointers and suggestions as well.


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