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    My hubby and I, though spanking for about 6 years, just in the past few months realised that it wasn’t just the fun/discipline spankings we were drawn to, but that of the control/power exchange. We never even heard of D/s before this past fall — so we’d been kind of growing (and stumbling) on our own without a community. But now? I’m enjoying being his Babygirl and he loves being My Sir. And I can’t imagine life anymore without this dynamic.

    But I only discovered this group a few days ago…..Wow!

    I just wanted to say thanks for the Moderators and thanks for everyone here for being so open to share your journey. For newbies like me, it’s a huge help to realise that I’m not a freak, neither is he — there are others like us. I’m looking forward to jumping in and learning more.

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     Veruca MOD/Mr. Cain 

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    I am so glad you found us…please join us in chat!

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    Dear Shells,

    Welcome to submrs!! I look forward to getting to know you.

    Belle Soumise

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     subMarie *AMB/Sir Ed 

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    Hey Shells! I am curious, how is your D|s-M going? Do you have any advice for the newbies just starting on their journey?

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    Struggling right now. Life just gets crazy. We both want this. It’s just executing it with crazy schedules and kids. This past week I’ve been re-reading the articles here. Reminding myself there is no fast track…every step on the ladder is necessary.

    In a few weeks our teens are heading to a weekend camp. It will be our first weekend in an empty house in probably a couple years. We’ve set it aside as the weekend we formally accept our roles. 24/7. I’m excited and nervous.

    Our next step before then is to get my Sir on HusDOM…probably this weekend, as we’re away at the moment.

    Thanks for the note. I’m sorry I went into hiding. This commitment is so intense and I need that. I ache for it. Making it a reality is tad trickier. But it’s soooo worth it. When it works…it’s heaven. 💕

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    Hey Shells, newbie here myself. A weekend just the 2 of you should be great….lots of time to talk about what the two of you envision your dynamic looking like. Maybe writing down goals, rituals, routines??? When we started, we had to talk about so much. Our biggie was respect in how we talked to each other. His #1 rule was all communication with non-relative males had to go through him, that chafed a tad but I no longer run into those grey areas that got me into trouble before. I asked for him to make more decision making which eased a lot of anxiety and stress I was feeling. Working through some of the practical portions of D/s sounds unsexy(is that a word?) but necessary. The added benefit was that it ignited the bedroom dynamic which was going well and now was on FIRE 😉

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