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    Last night while I was sharing a fantasy with Sir, He got nervous and went vanilla and laughed becuase he was nervous. Of course, I then went vanilla too. I got angry and hurt, felt humiliated and embarrassed. I said some pretty nasty vanilla words, Sir kept apologizing and saying how bad he felt! Totally made me more angry! I stormed out of the room, went for a smoke, Sir followed me and the vanilla arguement kept going. I stomped back to our room, and went to bed. Turned my back on Sir, he kept saying I’m sorry. I took a deep breath and found my D/s-M voice. I as respectfully as I could asked Sir to stop the vanilla apologizing and Dom up. Please take control of the situation, lead me instead of pleading. 

    I learned that as a submissive I have to let go of the vanilla hurt, it’s my job to show my Sir he doesnt need to be nervous about TTWD! I don’t need to take laughing vanilla, I need to remember that the laughing is part of Sir learning his dominance and learning how to take control of himself and his own fear. TTWD isn’t just about be learning to submit it’s also about Sir learning to dominate! Take the vanilla out and Dom up and submit down!

    I can’t say that it will never happen again, after all we are still human, but as we learn and grow together it will happen less and less.

    Once our mindsets were back where they were supposed to be, Sir took what he desired! Sparing the details for now, I had one of the most powerful orgasm of my life!

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    What a great example of how easily we can lose our modest but that there is still a way to get it back and start anew! Congrats 🙂

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    Such a wonderful reminder of the power submission has! I am reminded today of how difficult it must be for my Daddy to lead me when I won’t follow. My kid is making MY leading very difficult. I hope that him seeing the more G-rated submission to Daddy will help him, though I kinda think he had dominant tendencies so it’s not easy for him to submit to my authority.

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    Great example of the hurdles we all eventually encounter. You did a great job getting yourself out of those old vanilla ways and communicating with your Sir what you needed. Thanks for sharing this with everyone and keep up the hard work! It’s totally worth it!

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