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    I have been browsing this site for some time and this will be my first official post. This entry is a true story that’s a cross between reality and fantasy. The fantasy being a scenario my Sir told me to imagine, while in a real situation. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please let me know your thoughts.

    As I sit in the parking lot reading a sex scenario that my husband had texted me, I reflect back on how I got here. I had just taken my hands out of my dress from masturbating on the way to the doctor’s office. I would never had done this two year ago. I was stuck with demons from my past that were hanging over me, smothering me like a blanket. My husband was at his wits end trying to figure out where this marriage had gone wrong. I had hid those demons from him. He approached me about entering a Dominant/submissive relationship. I was scared to death. This wasn’t me? How could I give up control to someone and lose who I am? How could I do slutty things like this? I looked down upon it. But knowing that our relationship was not working the way it was, I willingly gave into my husband’s request. In doing so, he began to train me, giving a long list of things I needed to do. Some were humiliating and some were sexy. I felt confused but enjoyed the freedom that came with it.
    I didn’t have to worry so much. My sir took care of that, but this didn’t get rid of my guilt. As my sir tried to get to the bottom of things, I finally came clean with my sins of the past revealing a very hurtful past to me and a painful reality to my husband. Certainly he did not deserve to be treated that way. At this point he was now aware of my needs and worked tirelessly to help me conquer my past and to become a woman. He was committed now more than even before that this was the right path for us. I became a better submissive, but it took a lot of prodding on my sir’s part. I didn’t want to let go completely of myself. I was still an ugly duckling in my head. But recently I had finally reached the point where I was embracing my sexuality and coming to terms that I was a slut. My sir’s demands for today would certainly be a test but one I was willing to tackle.
    I re-read a story my Sir had written for me as I sat in the waiting room. As I scrolled down the lines of my I phone, I was getting increasingly excited by what I read. I was to fantasize about my OBGYN taking advantage of me, putting me on display, in restraints, so that I am vulnerable and helpless. He calls in the nurses to show them my sex as an example or a learning tool. He allows them to touch me, to violate me, but I have no choice but to surrender and give in.
    After reading this short but graphic scenario, I could feel the wetness build inside me. Here I was, completely turned on and about to have my pussy inspected. I was embarrassed at the thought. I kept my legs crossed so that my wetness could not be seen by others.
    The nurse startles me as she calls my name. She’s young with light brown hair and a sweet voice. She tells me that the doctor only has one person before me, so he should be in soon. The room is small with a tiny changing area in the corner that contains one chair and a thin curtain for privacy. The room is mostly taken up by the large examination table, made even bigger by the stirrups on the end. I immediately picture my legs spread open wide and that vulnerable recollection of the story, excites me.
    I undress rather quickly, expecting the doctor to come in at any moment. As I take off my dress I can smell the scent of sex. It was overpowering and something I knew the doctor would notice. Not being able to do anything about it, I shrug and continue to undress. I put on the gown, kick off my shoes, and walk barefoot across the cold floor. I hop up on the table and begin to wait. The gown opens up in the front and is held closed by flimsy Velcro placed at wide intervals. A light red sheet is draped across my bottom half. I am covered, but feel nude knowing how exposed I will be soon. Knowing that blanket will be hiked up and the Velcro removed.
    This brought back images of the fantasy my husband wrote. I played the images in my head. As it turns out, the doctor ends up taking much longer than the nurse had said, allowing me to play through the scenario in my mind. I am highly aroused, now. I look out the window and even the trees swaying look sexual in nature to me, like a belly dancer gyrating in front of a crowd.
    I am aware of my nakedness right now. This turns me on even further. I feel the blood rushing to my clit. I imagine the doctor walking in, sitting down in front of my wide-spread legs and noticing what a slut I am. He comments to the nurse, a large chested blonde woman, that I am a true slut to have such a wet, open pussy. He motions to her to press the button. “Button?” Just then, my hands and feet are bound to the table by metal clasps. I try to pry loose but my efforts ware in vain. He calls for the other assistants to come in. Five women enter. None are particularly good looking but have a nice demeanor. The youngest blonde nurse asks coyly, “Well, what do we have here?” The doctor asks the ladies to gather round. “I wanted you all to see what a well-fucked pussy looks like. You can tell by the way her pussy lips gape open that she is begging to be fucked. Her snatch is bare, which is a sign that she has nothing to hide. A thick coating of her juices cover her lips and some can be seen trickling out onto the table ever so slightly.” The doctor reaches down, swipes the table and tastes my cum as he licks his finger clean. The nurses all gasp and look feverishly turned on. The doctor continues, “But perhaps most impressive is this red, swollen clit, fully aroused at being exposed to us.” I flinch as he rubs it with his cold hands, a startling contrast to my burning clit. I ask for him to stop, but that only prompts him to continue caressing it in soft, slow circles.
    The nurses all look at the doctor with want in their eyes. He nods for them to come closer. He allows them each some time to pleasure me. They rub my clit one by one, each smiling at my involuntary shivers and shakes. I feel the need to cum building as my clit becomes more and more engorged. Just as I begin to moan as my sweet release takes hold, the doctor walks in and I am snapped back to reality. He’s tall, blonde, and handsome, with a pleasant smile. The perky nurse from earlier is with him. She stands at a distance to the side, as to not intrude on my privacy, even though I know she can see everything. As the doctor pulls up the blanket I feel the cool air on my hot pussy. I blush as I am certain by now my arousal was obvious by the sight of my protruding clit and definitely by scent.
    He inserts the cold speculum making small talk. It feels ice cold in comparison to the air. He stretches me open and I begin to squirt. It must have pushed right on my swollen g-spot. I can’t feel it, I only know because of the wetness on my legs when he is done. He inserts his fingers and I wish it were my Sir’s. My Sir’s hands are masculine and rough, yet gentle. He is a gracious lover and may have taken pity on my state of urgency allowing me to release. Hearing my Sir encouraging me to fantasize, I imagine for a second what it would be like if the doctor began to finger me.
    His hands are warm, covered in gloves, with a thin layer of lube, which really wasn’t needed, but was standard practice. I fantasize that he takes his two fingers and guides them in smoothly and slowly. He does this a few times smiling at my arousal. I feel ashamed, yet turned on by the naughtiness of it. He moves to my breasts. I wonder if he notices how nice my breasts are, or if he even allows thoughts like that to enter his mind.
    As the doctor finished I could barely make eye contact, but some part of me was proud that I had done this. Proud to own my sexuality. The doctor left me with a reassuring “You look great,” and I wondered if he meant me, my pussy, or my health. I got up to get dressed and saw confirmation that I had squirted as my juices were running down my thighs. “I can’t believe I squirted during a pap smear,” I thought to myself. I put on my clothes, leaving my underwear off so that I could be the slut the doctor knew I was.

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    wowza, ok this was written a long time ago i see.. but this is good. Got me ready to go see my own Husdom doc, lol. 😉

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