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    My Sir has requested that I share this fantasy that I wrote for him. This is the first time I have ever shared one of my erotic short stories… please be kind. – Prim aka Little Wildflower

    I am in a deep sleep in bed. We were up very late the night before. You and I had played hard, it was a long time coming because you were away on business for a while. You had gotten up early to catch the early morning surf and let me sleep off some of the roughness from the night before. You just got back and bought me a coffee from my favorite cafe with a muffin because you know I won’t eat unless u grab something.
    You look me over as I sleep, the sun creeping in from the window hits my curves in all the right ways. I am naked, covered just by the top sheet… Just the way you like me. You want to get going because you know I will take forever to get ready, as always. So you gently pull the sheet down off my body. Parts of my body a nice shade of pink from a good flogging. I open my eyes and smile. “Mmmm …. Morning handsome.” I manage to say in a sleepy way.
    You brush the hair away from my face and hold the coffee out in front of me. “Awe, a man after my own heart!” I say as I grab and take a big inhale… “God its like crack, honestly.” You smirk and hand me the muffin, my addiction to coffee is concern for you at times. “Please eat this,and get that sweet little ass out of bed… I wanna be on the road in a hour at the latest.” You say sternly but affectionately.
    I roll my eyes at you, because I don’t feel like eating, I never feel like eating after a night like last night. “Don’t roll your eyes at me little girl.” You say, demanding some respect which sends a wave of excitement straight to my pussy.
    I smile embarrassed. “Sorry….Sir.”
    I take a sip of the coffee and sit up to get out of bed. Flashes of the night before in my head and I cannot wipe the smile off my face.
    You leave to go take a shower.
    Exactly 59 mins later I am ready to go. “Wow, a minute to spare!” You say to me sarcastically.
    “Perfection takes time!” I say jokingly.
    I am wearing the pink sundress you bought me. It has a halter top which pushes my breasts up making them look perfectly supple. It flares out at the waist and goes just above my knees. My hair is down and I have a cherry pin in my hair. Looking very pin up… (Oh my little Wildflower, you know that drives me crazy) I bend over to grab my sandals and you peak up my skirt… “Honestly, little one, a whole hour and that doesn’t include Underwear??” (I go to roll my eyes… But decide very quickly that, that is not the best idea). You open the door and we are off.
    There is some music playing in the background and we have the windows slightly open. You have your hand resting between my legs and I am in and out of consciousness with seat slightly reclined.
    “Where are we going again?” I ask.
    “I told you its a surprise, quit trying to get it out of me.”
    “Mmmmm can I have a clue?” I say mischievously.
    “No. I am a vault!” You joke.
    I look at you and smile. You look so handsome and even more so when you don’t give me what I want. I shift in my seat and move towards you… I put my hand on your chest and my head on your shoulder. I trace my fingers up and down your chest. You chuckle at me because you know exactly what I am doing.. But you won’t crack. My hand moves down over your jeans. Moving back and forth… Massaging your your upper thighs and groin.
    You can feel yourself getting aroused. You shift in your seat to make it easier for me to access your cock.
    (We are driving down a country road… Not a lot of dangers in the area or anyone really on the road so, if she wants to suck your cock, you are not opposed.)
    I free your already swollen cock from your pants. I lick my lips with anticipation. I love your cock, and I can barely wait to worship it. You look at me just before I put my head down and go to work, because I get this look in my eye that drives u wild!
    I grab it with a firm hand and start licking the head, twisting my tongue around it in a circular motion. My red lips part over the head of your dick as I start sucking vigorously. I just cant get enough, I love the taste of it. I run my tongue up and down and suck harder.
    You take your one hand off the wheel to hold my hair for me. “Oh, fffffuuu… Yea, good girl.” You say encouraging me to pleasure you even more. Your focus on the road keeps you from coming right away because this girl, if anything, knows how to suck a good cock.
    (How is she so friggen good at this?? Not like she has had very much practice… Before you she never gave head to anyone, now you can’t keep her off your dick.) I go deeper into my throat and you can feel the back of my mouth on the head of your dick. You are slightly pressing on the back of my head, letting me know not to stop what I am doing. I am moaning as I suck harder. Leaving lipstick marks all down your cock and messing it all over my lips. You are getting really hot. “Ugh! Ok ok stop!” You don’t want to cum in my mouth, not today. I sit up trying to fix my lipstick right away. “Awe. What the hell?” I say disappointed. You laugh, “My God, you are a dirty little girl! We are almost there,ok?”
    We pull into a local well known hiking area, absolutely hands down the best place to hike. “What the?? Ummm really not dressed for this!” I say kind of annoyed.
    “We’re not hiking, well, not right away!” As you tuck yourself back in your pants.
    I raise an eyebrow scared of what you have in mind. Putting my sandals on I am looking around and there are quite a few people around. You step out of the car and walk around to my door. I know better by now that I am not to open any of my own doors.
    You lift me out of the passenger seat and pull a blindfold out of your pocket. You know at this point you can pretty much get me to do anything as long as I am blindfolded. “People are going to be staring at us” I squeak out softly. “So what let them stare, who gives a shit.” You always have a confidence about you that just calms me down so I take a deep breath as you take my hand.
    We are walking for a few minutes, the sound of waterfalls getting closer and closer. My heart is beating rapidly as I don’t know what is coming.
    We stop. “Ok, here.” You direct as you position me onto a large rock.
    “Do you hear the sounds of the waterfalls?” You ask softly. “Yes!” I say louder than I expected to.
    “Ok, well just keep listening to them.” You kneel down and start tracing your fingers up my legs and I instantly get goosebumps. My heart beating faster. I can hear talking off in the distance, it could be far off but I don’t know because the sound of the falls muffles it. You reach up and run your hands firmly up and down my back. And then I feel you lift one of my legs up and over your shoulder and before I know it your hot mouth is on my pussy. ‘”Oh! Mmmm!” I say in shock. Your wet lips kissing and tongue flicking my clit. You bring a finger up and push it into me and I am pulsing with pleasure. All my senses are awakened and I can feel every breeze, hear every bird i can feel the mist coming off the waterfall and the licking… Oh my god the way you eat my pussy drives me mad and I am moaning so loudly.
    I arch my head back feeling you drive your tongue and finger into me, harder and faster.. I feel the burn in my belly and I start to cum, moaning and panting… You are going faster and harder and I am rocked to the core. You stop and grab me.. You push me up against a rock wall that seems to have a very conveinant ledge for my ass. And I feel the head of your cock at my pussy lips. You slowly push into me, inch by inch… You are amazed at how tight I am since you fucked me so hard the night before. (I am loving these Benwa balls)
    You start thrusting into me hard and fast keeping each thrust about five seconds apart. The ledge is digging into my ass but I like the pain. It feels so fucking good you just can never get enough of this pussy. Your driving into me and groaning loudly.
    “Who does your pussy belong to?” You say as you shove yourself into me “You, Sir!”
    “That’s right little girl, my fucking pussy! Mine to fuck when I please and where I please!” Reminding me we are in a very public place. But your claims of over my body, my pussy are enough to throw me into an earth shattering orgasm! “Ohhhhhhhh!” I scream out in pleasure.
    “Did I say you could cum?” You ask me while my body is electrified. “Oh! No Sir! Please forgive me!” I beg.
    Just my little bit of begging throws you over the edge. You start cumming so hard. Spurts of hot cum coating my pussy walls. Your hands pulling my shoulders downwards with each upward thrust onto my tight little pussy. “Uhhhhhhhhh. That’s my good girl.. Yeeeeeeah!” As you push the last spray of cum up inside me. My body starting to fall down towards you. I wrap myself around you as you hold me there for the moment. My arms and head draped over your shoulders.

    You take the blindfold off me and we are standing behind the waterfall. Many people on the other side… They could probably see our silhouette. They definitely knew we were fucking. “Oh my god!” I giggle as I put my hands over my mouth. I am blushing but I don’t care… I am so wrapped up in how amazing you are, you know how to handle me, you know how to use me and keep me safe at the same time.. I submit to you, you are my keeper.
    You grab me around the waist and you kiss me with force, your push your tongue into my mouth and I absolutely melt at your brute force. You take what you want, and I love it… It is exactly what I want.
    You pull away and cup my chin in your hand. You stare longingly into my eyes. “I love you madly My Little Wildflower!” Your intensity vibrates through me.
    “And I you, Sir.”

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    HOT Primrose!!! Outdoor sex is a major fantasy 🙂

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    Amazing story!

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    Oh my gosh!! Thank you ladies! I still blush when I read it. LOL

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    love this one, so hot!!! thank you for sharing!

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