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    Hi ladies! I’d love to share some of the ways you keep your body prepped and ready for your Sir! What tips, secrets, or routines do you have to make sure you’re feeling sexy and at your best for playtime? (Shaving, waxing, moisturizing, dry brushing, anal prep, etc?) How do you keep things down there fresh, night after night?

    I’ve currently started a nice pamper routine that I’m loving that includes a nice soak in the tub, exfoliating, epilating, a face/lip mask, and foot scrub and bikini trim. I always feel great and sexy after! But I would love to hear what you do! I have trouble with ingrown hairs so I try to trim vs. shave those lady bits. Anyone find a way to stay happily hairfree?

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    CHEERS to you SS I LOVE this post !!! a Curvey share…..

    my nails toes are on my list form Sir …he Luves the colors I pick and he likes to see the colors when he directs me where to place my fingers

    I am outside LOTS so , I keep a box in my nightstand with NIGHT GOODIES ..hand lotion..YES, vaseline with socks is the BEST heel softer ..I can ONLY do this when Sir travels LOL not to sexy

    My lotion and perfume are to be place ONLY where Sir say .. he loves to kiss & lick certain places and hates the taste of perfume YUL LOL ..He is a Neck man , my knee, and be hind my wrist

    Im new to the waxing ….but , this summer Im going to a MERMAID Party so , Sir wants me to get one EEKS …I might take one of my sub friends to HOLD my hand LOL

    pss pampering makes me feel all girly, sexy, happy…..I do weekly massages HOT stone a must

    Pamper On ,


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    I like to make my own sugar scrubs. It leaves your skin so soft and smooth. I mix one cup pure cane sugar (sometimes brown sugar), half a cup coconut oil, one to two tablespoons of vegetable oil and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. I like lavender. Mix it all up and that’s it! Make sure to pat dry. Your sir will love it! ☺

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    OO Nice Im going to try that !!

    EEKS !!!! Lashes ..smokey eye !!


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    Ooo! These are great ideas ladies!! My sir requested dark lashes over the weekend and I did some half falsies… he commented on how much he liked them! I really like the idea of some homemade scrubs and rubbing down with cocoa butter! Nice and silky smooth!

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    OK Curvey confesses I have a BAD ADDICTION ….LMAO

    I would sacrifice everything EXCEPT my eye lash extensions …I have had them for years …I LOVE THEM I can go Corporate or Vamp up for a weekend event , play ! I always look like I have eye balls LOL I PROMISE I have had NO trouble or damage with my own lashes !! I will say SHOP around … $$$$$$$

    Joy ,


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    I would give up anything else but the ash extensions ..They are truly amazing ! I LOVE them …I have found it really depends on re fill time …I find the more i swim work out , wear make up I get them fill apex 3 4 weeks …I find in cooler weather I can go 4 5 weeks for fills I PROMISE they are worth it I feel GREAT with them

    Hugs to you MG,

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    ps for me anything permeant liner brows are a NO ..I have never seen any I like always to harsh !…just my feelings

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    I never thought about extensions… hmm! I’ll do some research. I do LOVE Two Faced Mascara called “Better Than Falsies”. I use it for those in between occasions when I don’t want all the hassle with false lashes but need some ooomph. It comes in handy!

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    MG- I’m sure you can find it online, but I get mine from a beauty store like Ulta or Sephora I think carries it too. Then I watch YouTube videos on how to glam it up… there are so many great tutorials on makeup and hair now days!

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    OOO Yes… alls subbies a trip to ULTA on stop Everything every brands …

    on reg lashes I swore by LAMCOMB i still use that brand on extentions

    You can add mascara to extensions ..OOO YEZZ then they are HOLLYWOOD red carpet !!

    Primp on ,


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    I love reading all of these routines. They are great!

    I have a few things that I do.

    Every 3-4 weeks I get a full Brazilian wax. The first one was painful but after that they hardly hurt. It turns Master on so much that it is worth every tug on the wax strip. I also have a special serum that I apply daily between waxings to prevent ingrown hairs and red bumps. It smells like sweet citrus and makes my skin incredibly smooth. I’ll be honest its hard to keep my own hands off sometimes because of how smooth the skin is, its just nice to pet.

    I get my nails done every two weeks. I alternate between acrylic nails and gel manicures. I do not like to keep the acrylics on too long because I am scared that I may get a fungal infection or something weird. (I’ve watched too much monster inside me. I get a pedicure once a month. I always choose the bright red color for polish because Master loves me in red. Our cuffs are red, our blindfold is red, our bondage tape is red. Red is where its at.

    If we have been apart for a long time I will go to a salon and get my hair done professionally the day we reunite. Either dyed or cut or both. I have spend a lot of time finding retro clothing to fulfill my Master’s pin up fantasy and all of my dresses are in a 40-50’s style. I always make sure I am the perfect pin-up when I see him after a lengthy absence. I will start planning how I will look and dress, under garments ect. up to a month out so I know exactly what to do the day of.

    Daily I shower, apply my coochy cream (ingrown hair serum), I put coconut oil on my skin, all over. I will make sure that I have applied my make up and that everything looks good. I also match my bra and panties daily. Master prefers thongs or these assless lace panties (when I am allowed to wear underwear). So I will wear those unless its my lady days, I will wear a more modest lace underware (always lace, cause he has a thing for lace). I use perfume on the nape of my neck in my hair though not on my skin and on the inside of my upper thighs. These are the two places that he would stay forever and he loves the way my perfume smells.

    This is what it do. I never really took the time to write it all out, but its changed quite drastically. I used to never wear make up, do my hair, or use perfume. I hated myself and the way I looked. Learning to see myself through his eyes has changed a lot about how I dress.

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    Ohh, I love reading about beauty routines!

    Sir likes pink nail polish, so I paint my nails weekly.

    I’m pretty low maintenance otherwise, but should probably start pampering myself more. The one big thing I do for Sir is laser hair removal. I get treatments every six weeks, underarms and Brazilian. He absolutely loves it!

    I hate for my face to feel sticky so I don’t moisturize like I should ?

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    These are awesome routines ladies!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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     Staci *AMB/WMizell 

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    I like everything to always be smooth so I have had laser hair removal done. Underarms, legs, and full Brazilian. I found a place that is not too terribly expensive and I have been very happy with the results.

    I am a makeup fiend. My favorite mascara is They’re Real by Benefit. Once I started wearing it, I started getting compliments from strangers specifically about my eye makeup. Most people report it being difficult to get off at night, but I found a truly amazing tool called The Original Makeup Eraser. They carry them instore at Sephora, but also at Amazon Prime. It is advertised as taking off all makeup, including waterproof mascara, with just water AND IT’S TRUE!

    I have done lash extensions 3 times. They always look amazing for a couple of days, but once they start coming off they annoy me and I start to tug at the edges of the glue. Last time almost all of my natural lashes fell out and had to glue on falsies for a few weeks.

    One of my friends just did microblading for semi-permanent eyebrows and she is delighted with the results, which will last about 3 years. I have considered getting the same semi-permanent (not tattoo) process for eyeliner. If anyone has experience with that, I would love to hear it!

    In the meantime, I use Kat Von D tattoo liner and Urban Decay eyeshadow primer from Sephora. The rest of my makeup is drugstore brands. I don’t mind paying extra for great products, but I’m not a makeup snob. If the cheap stuff works just as well, I use it!

    Have a great day!

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    Love this post! I get a gel manicure every two weeks, and make sure to keep my toes done. I dont do a face full of makeup everyday but I do basics such as mascara (benefit, They’re real!), eyeliner (Kat Von D Tattoo liner), some blush (Tarte), a neutral lip color, and I get my eyebrows threaded every 10-14 days. I wash my face, apply toner, and moisturize everything every night. I dont wash my hair everyday but I alternate taking a bath with vitamin E oil in the water, and showering and shaving everything but my lady parts. I get a brazillian wax every three weeks for that. I also try to do my best to stay hydrated as best as I can because that works wonders for my skin.

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    I’m really appreciating all these tips! I’m generally a pretty non-primping type of girl, but I do notice that I feel better once I’ve dolled myself up. My Sir doesn’t seem to have many preferences. He likes freshly showered, but not lotion-ed skin. I’ve been on a search for lotion that hydrates well but doesn’t leave the stickiness that he hates. He also hates massage oil, and pretty much anything that’s sticky. But not lotioning isn’t an option because I have really dry skin (also a bad look). He also likes a brazilian, so I get those regularly but that’s about it. Reading this has made me think I should step up my primping-game!

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    The routine I have is as follows:

    Hair: I don’t shampoo my hair everyday because it can strip the hair of oils and if it’s colored, can strip the color fast, so I use a dry shampoo in between washes. When I do wash my hair, I use some form of leave in conditioner or oil (even coconut oil is a great use for everything).

    Sir asks I not put my hair in a ponytail and if I do a “bun” I wear a messy bun and not a strict, all hair pulled up in a bun unless it’s for an event which requires a tight bun.

    And particularly not to have my hair in a ponytail when he comes home unless I’m sick and then he is all about me being as comfortable as possible to get well.

    -I have the lash extensions and I don’t think I can go back to not having them; Sir loves them as well and has expressed he prefers them over natural/use of mascara so win for both of us. I like how they (lash extensions) are a little high maintenance due to the need to take care of them to make them last till the next refill, they pay off for the day to day not needing mascara, ever.

    Plus you can easily customized them from “natural” to sexy, though I prefer either Sexy or Gorgeous.

    By Sir’s request, I wear makeup daily depending on the event:

    At home for daily: Sir requests eyeliner and lipstick unless I’m sick

    When we go out: Primer/concealer/foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner (no mascara thanks to the lash extensions), and lipstick
    Outdoor activities: Lip balm and sunscreen, lash extensions has stopped the need for mascara

    Mornings and nights: I make sure to use a gentle cleanser, some type of moisturizer and once a week, a masque

    Body: Scrub once a week and lotion lotion and lotion

    Brazilian full wax. I love how it cuts time to no shaving and the attendant made a good point, not only is it a time saver, but with Spring and Summer, makes being out and about more comfortable. I wish I had done this sooner.

    Hands: Lotion and a manicure or I get my nails done with tips once a month

    Feet: Pedicure once a month and Sir is casual about socks depending on things so I can get away with using a foot lotion or vaseline to keep the pedicure “fresh” and feet from becoming rough

    Unless I’m about to deep clean the house, no sweat pants around the house. If I am wearing sweat pants, I better be cleaning the house. LOL

    Yoga pants are okay if I’m exercising or casual wear so long as they are not dirty and even the “fun patterns” are okay, plus yoga pants are a bit more tight fitting versus slouchy. However, no yoga pants for every day runs out of the house unless I’m going out to exercise.

    Other than that: jeans, slacks, dresses especially, occasionally shorts or capris.

    I have to say it sounds a lot, but it becomes a routine after a while and I have noticed it has changed the way I look at myself, how I prepare myself for Sir and even for everyday routines.

    Even when I go to the store by myself or with Sir, I found it changes the way I see myself mentally and carry myself and even Sir has noted I seem to carry myself differently and he likes what he sees in me.

    Sir encourages me to be mindful of looking groomed and presentable and put together particularly if he wants to come home early or if I’m going out and about and I’ve noticed mentally and psychologically it has changed how I not only present myself when I am out and about (I’m mindful I’m representing Sir as well even when I’m out and about by myself), but how I feel about myself. There is a feeling of more confidence and appreciation.

    Even the requests for not putting my hair up in a ponytail unless we are engaging in an outdoor activity has changed how I carry myself. Instead of quickly tying my hair up and going about my day, by taking the time to brush my hair and either put a hair band on (which Sir enjoys) or a simple hair clip to keep my hair out of my eyes, I feel more “groomed” and ready to be present either when Sir comes home or I go about my day.

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     Jsbunny *Prema/JayDom 

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    Thankyou ladies, I have enjoyed reading all your beauty routines. Coconut oil is my one main routine. I use it instead of lotions or moisturizers. Sir loves that it leaves my skin so soft but doesn’t leave that yucky lotion taste.
    I have always shaved to keep smooth for Sir but unfortunately I’m on my last bottle of shave lotion. I am very sensitive to any lotions in that area so once I found one that worked I stayed with it. Now my ‘dare to be bare’ lotion is discontinued. I need to find something new that is made of natural product and for sensitive skin. Any suggestions?
    I am curious about laser, how often do you need to go? Do they do a complete hair removal? What about ingrown hairs?
    I appreciate any responses

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    Dear subbies,

    I love this thread! My routine was completely overhauled when Greyson became my husdom. He had me donate all of my mom clothes and purchase subbie clothes. His idea of sub-clothing for me includes snug fitting leggings with a cute shirt. I had to toss all of my teacher shoes and start wearing keds/slim sneakers, cute flats, boots etc. I can wear my Asics to work out or on a particularly difficult teaching day when I have yard duty. Recently, he has instructed me to wear skirts with thigh highs and fuzzy sweaters at least twice a week.

    I use Clinique products, and some Este Lauder, for skin care and makeup. He likes a simple face of makeup unless I’m having a PJ day (with his approval). For scenes, he likes a ton of eyeliner and smoky eyes.

    He wants me to keep my acrylic nails done in the pointed style and usually red with a matching pedicure (not pointed LOL…pointed toenails- ewww). My hair is long per his request. He likes it natural, but I’m wanting highlights…anyway fun post!!

    Belle Soumise xxoo

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