Suggestions for hiding and storing impact toys

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     Little Bunny 

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    Between the floggers, paddles, crop, and other items we are running out of places to properly store our impact toys. We have 3 children, 9-14, to keep these items locked away from and our current solution just isn’t working. My favorite purple and black leather flogger is getting kinks in the falls from not being hung properly and the rest are just haphazardly placed where they can be out of sight. Smaller toys are easily stored in a large safe in our walk in closet but, how and where are you all storing larger impact toys?

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     subMarie *AMB/Sir Ed 

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    Hey Little Bunny!

    My Sir has most of our items hidden in a locking gun storage ottoman. Other items he has in dresser drawers. He had some floggers hung up inside of our television entertainment unit. I have seen that other Sirs have hooks with their items hanging secretly in the closet behind clothes. Check out this store on Etsy! I would love to get my Sir one of the storage trunks. They are a little pricey. Please let me know if anyone knows of something similar. 🙂

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      I didnt think of the solution until I read what you have already done.
      Buy a full sized gun safe. you can get a small footprint but full height one for a reasonable price and they will fit in most any closet easily.

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     Jsbunny *Prema/JayDom 

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    Hi little bunny. My Sir just finished a project for our impact toys. Picture with a case attached behind it. It hangs on the wall hinges on one side lock on the other. Hidden in plain sight. You could use a mirror instead of a picture. We are looking at doing another for my collars and cuffs. Check my activity for pics if you would like to have a look.

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       Little Bunny 

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      Jsbunny, your photos actually inspired me to ask the question, so thank you! I loved the idea and would like to see if we could figure out a way to make it lockable and totally hidden. Our kids unfortunately, due to more of my parenting than Sir’s, feel as though they can come in our room as if it was their own and roam around. I really need to show him and see what we could figure out. He is NOT handy so hiring a carpenter would probably be necessary. subMarie I love the link and will definitely share with Sir as well! The one box that we can hang the floggers is amazing! Love being able to ask for suggestions here and thank you!

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     Little Bunny 

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    After several discussions it seems Sir is leaning towards the gun safe. He thinks it will fit nicely behind the door area and asked me to “decorate” it so it blends into the closet better. Thank you all for the suggestions and help!

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