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    I LOVE THE LADDER GAME! The ladder can have as many rungs as your Sir wants. Example using 20 rungs:

    First rung: one blow
    Second rung: one, two
    Third rung: one, two, three
    and so on until you reach 20.
    Then once you get to the top rung you have to climb back down the ladder.
    Top rung: 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15… down to one.
    Next rung: 19, 18, 17, 16…
    18th Rung: 18,17,16,15….
    17th Rung: 17,16,15,14….
    Until you reach the 1st rung.

    I think it’s best to play the ladder game with canes but you can experiment and see which implement you like best. You can change the number of rungs as it suits you. And add things like you can cum once you’ve reached the top of the ladder or on the last blow or you have to be edged for the entire ladder and can only cum on the last strike. There are many ways to play the ladder game! You can have multiple ladders too! Or try to find the tallest ladder you can climb. Or decide on a prize if you “win”. Sometimes Master makes me count without telling me we’re gonna play the ladder game but eventually I figure it out lol I don’t get to know how many rungs either. That is quite fun as well!

    I hope you guys have fun playing this game!

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    This sounds interesting Emily, I will tell Sir about it.

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    Registered subMrs™

    That sounds like a fantastic game, Emily!
    i will inform my Queen.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    This game is perfect for the mood in the house today! Playful and painful and exciting! Perfect I do say lol! Papi will have fun and Cosita will get spankings ??? oh thank you!!!

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