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  1. Mmm, this pic gives me the good shivers everywhere. So very very hot and dominate is this man. What is he saying to her, what has he just said? It’s like a delicious peek into the most intimate of moments. To me, it’s more intimate than a picture of a couple fully nude and having sex. This is a glimpse into their psyche, the bare and actualized expression of who they are and who they are together. Love it.

      1. Thanks girlie. Sometimes I let my silly slip and then real thoughts sneak out. I try and limit that to twice a year. Lol 🙂

  2. Oh my! That’s a beautiful pic of a Dom holding his sub up on a pedestal admiring her beauty and poise. Hes thinking “damn I’m lucky, she’s the most beautiful, sexy, intelligent, woman on the planet! And she’s mine!”

    1. It’s not mine… Pinterest I believe… I was going to freak everyone out and say it was my Sir and I….lol! It looks kinda like my Sir… But I have blonde hair… Use it… It’s one of the best! LK ❤

      1. He looks likes him? Oh you lucky little bunny. I want to use it for my little siggy pic instead of the generic green symbol. I hoped to find something that I really like, not just pick something random. Now, I just have to figure out how to do that on this damn tablet. There is no right click on tablets people, it’s madness.

          1. I hate it, truly hate it. It’s so sensitive. bah humbug, I want my old desktop back.

          2. No what.. S*cks is when it changes your words on you and you forget to recheck what you have written. You post and look like a moron. Happens to Sir every time he emails me.

          3. I hate it when I type a whole response and then I accidently hit something else and I lose it. Grr grr grrr

          4. Sometimes I do that but I’ve figured out if it was worth saying you’ll type it again,.. If not oh well.. Lol! LK ❤

          5. Sir knows I meant I feel like a moron. Thanks for the protection. 🙂

          6. Lol! When I read that just now, I was like “crap, I called him a moron last night?!” (Frantically checked my replies) lol!

          7. Doms do not like being called any names even in play.. I’ve learned. Be careful… Also.. If your working your husbands up to be Doms… This could make them slip backwards… Just a quick thought… LK ❤

          1. Oh it has name? Gravatar huh? Well, I’ll get to the “botttom” of this gravatar business. (Tee hee, I said bottom…..yes, okay, I’m drinking a wee glass of wine)

          2. No desk top? Go on tiger direct 11″ laptop by google 249.00 hook usb wirerless mouse 10.00 All set Just bought one for vac. weights 2lbs. Love it. The minute I sign in word press pops up

          3. No can do. Ours got zapped by lightning a few weeks(eons..a millenia…!) ago. Needs a part, get a part…wrong part. Order new part, need time to install part. We don’t buy replacement things around here until all of our time and money has been exhausted fixing(not admitting it’s unfixable) the broken thing! Lol. So I have borrowed(stolen) children’s tablet until this blows over! 😉

          4. Lol! I hear you. That happened here about a month ago…but I have a very good surge protector..the fuse blew in protector first saving my computer.and Flat screen Tv.

          5. We did too. It also blew our wireless router/modem thing. Whatever. Expecting my computer back any day(within six months) now. I’ll deal. I guess it won’t kill me to learn to use this tablet thingy! Lol!

          6. Umm, I don’t know. Good question, and why didn’t I think of it? ( facepalming myself) Doh! Guess I’ll check tomorrow.

          7. Now you’re sounding like Elle.. Did she send you some happy pills or something? Send some my way … Lol! LK ❤

          8. No pills… 🙂 Just in a real good mood today. Anticipation is building up for Saturday even though Sir now has to work til 3 pm. But its all good 🙂

          9. Happy pills? I just chose to not be sad. I had to get it all out of my system. I am back to my old self. Joy is just one thought away.

          10. Not only am I funny when drinking, but I like to get nakey! Lmao! Just kidding 🙂