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    We are very new to this lifestyle only a week in I earned my first punishment yesterday and I feel awful about it since. I know I am not supposed to like it but I didnt comprehend how bad it would make me feel. The punishment its self was fine Sir went really lightly on me and probably classed more as a funishment I guess it’s the mental side more than anything. I will request some downtime tonight to go over how we got to the punishment and to see how Sir is feeling after it.

    I guess I just wanted to see if it’s normal to feel this way?

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    p.s in the past before pursuing this we had some of the dynamic in place already Sir always took the lead in the bedroom and I would what I now know as do bratty sub for a spanking….which ofcourse I enjoyed. It’s amazing what a change in mental state can do. I wasent trying to get a punishment last night.

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    I felt better as the day went on….and we had our downtime when Sir got home which really helped.

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    Hi there! I love your name. I’m a subMrs who is in love too!

    My Sir does not practice punishments on a regular basis. We have been D|s-M for two years now and I can only recall one time that my Sir felt the need to give me an actual punishment. I think I may have just mouthed off. I honestly can’t remember. My Sir gave me 10 hard strikes with the paddle. No warm up! I only remember that it hurt like crazy and I was kinda pissed. But I accepted it.

    As we have matured in D|s-M we have learned a lot! For one, we do not need a lot of rules in place. We have a few rules that are more like common courtesies. When we thought about it, for us it seemed the rules were there just to “catch” me forgetting something to get a punishment. This just seemed like a game and does not suit our relationship. The one thing that always gets me in trouble is my mood or attitude. Like a child, I need my sleep and attention. Sometimes stress from work or family will make me moody. Instead of punishing me, my husDom does a great job to uncover the root cause. We now practice reset and therapy spankings. My Sir often finds that giving me a spanking also relaxes him. I can now ask my Sir for a good spanking session. Spanking is not always the solution though! Sometimes, the answer is I just need sleep and I am sent to bed.

    Best of luck as you continue learning and traveling down this journey with your Sir! Join us in the subMrs chat!


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    Thanks for your reply! Punishment was probably the wrong word as it wasent a really a punishment it was just the whole mental side of it all….During downtime we cleared the air of what led to it and how I was feeling and I felt so much better.

    I am not one for attitude we have never had an argument (we just aren’t people who like conflict) but I am very stubborn which may get me in trouble.

    Just discovered the chat button this morning! I haddent noticed it until I clicked on it by accident.

    Was lovely hearing from you.

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    Apparently I am one for attitude theres been alot of huffing and puffing….oops something to work on x

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