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    Today I told one of my closest and longest friends about D/s M and the way it has changed our lives. She had moved out of state a few years ago, and we have remained present in one another’s lives through facebook, but most of our day to day communication has fallen off. Today she came to visit, and she noticed some things. She noticed I am submissive to my husband. She noticed the beautiful “necklace” around my neck and the secret smile that lit up my face when I explained it had “special” meaning to my husband when he gave it to me. She noticed there is peace in my house where there used to be anger and chaos. She noticed the loving, intimate way my husband and I speak with one another in place of the rolled eyes and barely suppressed aggression we used to demonstrate. She asked, and I shared. Her own marriage is struggling…..and I had to toss her the lifeline that I found when I was drowning…subMrs. I was open in sharing the name of this website and the way it has transformed my marriage because there is something amazing here that needs to be shared. I took the risk. I could have lost a friend, but it was worth the risk in speaking the truth because what we have learned from subMrs and HusDom in the past 15 months has VALUE and DEPTH and we are proud of the couple we have become trough the friendships and support we have found here. I gave her a subMrs business card, and told her there is so much more that I could even explain. I hope that card will make a difference in another marriage tonight. It certainly has changed mine.

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