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    Hi Ladies, I was a bad girl last night. I broke at least 5 of my own rules I had just written a few days ago, and even today I am struggling to fully commit. My sir asked me to review my rules today and write the ones I broke. I was having a rough night dealing with issues at work and I am about three weeks out from my breast augmentation surgery. After gouging my knee on a shelf in the closet, I just burst into tears. I know my sir was looking forward to a fun evening of play and I felt like I let him down with my bad attitude. Anyways, I am doing much better today, but as requested, these are the rules I broke last night. 1) Don’t complain about work. I can share if asked. 2) I will keep a positive attitude of willingness to try anything that is asked of me. 3) Try to keep a calm manor at all times. 4) Keep sir informed of any purchases over $50 ( I bought a $75 bra that he did not like and that I did not ask for first) and 5) Make sure sir’s sexual needs are met before I go to bed. I appreciate any thoughts or feedback on ways to stay strong and committed. The only way we grow is to share.

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    When Sir and i first dicussed ruled we hd tried a few that well it was just hard for me to stick to. It was discouraging, and i dissapointed myself by not sticking to them. After trying different rules, more than one at a time and not being successful they went to the way side. When we did fund a rule (Sir made it fir me) it fit my day, was easy to ahear to. 1. Bring Sir coffee every morning. It makes me feel good to be able to adhear to it and.

    When reading your rules I would have to say the first one would be very hard to do for anyone. And it may go hand in hand with keeping a posative attitude. If you had a bad day, are generally irritated with something that happened it can build up inside if you dont talk about it. Which can lead to a bad attitude at home. We are all human and need to express our feelings. Sir and I talk about the things that irritated us at work on our way home. Once we are home we are done talking about it and can focus on each other. Have you tried setting a time aside to air your frustrations of the day with your Sir and if you feel you need more asking for more time? This can not only be for you but fir your Sir to air them as well, just like you he is human and needs an out let.

    I know if i do not share my frustration and my Sir his we just stew on them and both have a bad attitude which then leads to misbehaving ( at least for me ). I stop being respectful and start being whiney.

    I wish you all the best and a lovley day.

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    Might I suggest that you cut down on the number of rules you have? Not being able to vent about work would be tough, how about just one rule that says something like You will be respectful to your Sir at all times? That covers a lot of what you talked about. You are still a living breathing human and need to be able to process your own emotions like crap that happens at work. Having a time limit on that venting would help.
    It is so easy to get too many rules and then it is almost impossible to be successful and then you begin to feel like a failure as a sub. Keep the rules to a minimum and review them often with your HusDom. Add another one as you become more successful.

    Good luck!

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    We started out with 2 rules then added 1 ritual. LK was right you got walk before you can run

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    Pjb, how are things going? I hope that ypu are doing well.

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