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The Feel of the Slapper Crop

The slapper crop, short bat but long in pleasure. A must for every D/s-M couple. The bite, the sting and a pleasant thump. The heating of your flesh? Your Dominant’s hands welding it across your behind? Does he give your score marks (IIII) across each cheek? If I get a proper warm up, it’s really nice…  Sir has yet to punish me with the crop…not that he hasn’t threatened to leave me with the score of 10 on each hot pink cheek!

Slapper Crop, Little Kaninchen,, D/s-M

If it’s part of your scene. Imagine kissing his palms and handing him the crop.
Does your Sir ever let you choose the implements during play? Ask him, if you may.  They will be proud that you have chosen something with such a bite! The noise it makes sounds like so much more.

It’s not just for your behind, ya know? It’s been used nicely on my inside thighs and that pink flesh between my legs…. Feeling the leather end come across your clit is addictive… My Sir rubs me with the crop first, letting me get in my space. I then can ready myself for what’s to cum… Or not cum… Lol!

Let me know if you enjoy the slapper crop as much as I do.

Little Kaninchen

The Feel of the Slapper Crop

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  1. Lts Administrator 3 years ago

    Lk I like the feel of the crop as Sir rubs it across my body and it does get you to focus and into the mindset you need to be in. I also like that Sir will use the crop to warm me up before adding more implements into the mix of our play. And the sting as it lands on it’s mark…I say “more Sir please” The inside of my thighs are my weak spot and that’s where I feel the bite of the crop the most Lol! The Slapper crop was our first leather implement and it’s one of Sir favorite to use on my nipple’s. It’s an excellent implement to start with any play or scene when you are new to D/s in my opinion.

  2. missy UK Ambassador 3 years ago

    LK I also love the crop. I agree with LT that it is a great impact toy for starting out. I bought our fist crop for Sir’s birthday shortly after we started D/s and we both loved it. I think that wielding it really helped him initially with his mindset and it definitley gave us both the confidence to progress onto other impact toys. My favourite place for him to crop me now is the on my nipples or my clit. I love the heat as well as the sting and the anticipation as he moves it across my body. You have made me want to play now! ?

  3. Kinkerbell 3 years ago


    I do love the crop as well, especially when he uses it for nipple torture.
    It has a unique sting that makes me shiver all over, with anticipation for more to come.
    Before he uses it on me, he orders me to present it to him in my mouth, a sort of humiliation I like very much.

  4. JulietRose 3 years ago

    I LOVE the slapper crop! It’s one of my favorite impact toys. Our first was the flogger, so of course, that is my absolute favorite! I think my weak spot is my nipples. I haven’t had much experience with many other places. Yall know my Sir, ever the SAFE guy! 😀

  5. Veruca MOD/Mr. Cain 3 years ago

    Mmmmm…..the crop is yummy on my tummy! lol
    Seriously though, I do love it….it has just the right amount of bite and sting to really get my blood and juices flowing. I do believe it is one of Sir’s favorites as well, since it is one of the toys that he seems to always include!

  6. Carissimi 3 years ago

    The crop is an instrument of choice for Master. He loves the sound it makes and how i react to it. I would like to get a variety of crops for Master.

  7. Subnursive 3 years ago

    I got it good last night, now I proudly have a purple sore butt. I love my Sir using the crop!

  8. Belle Ame 3 years ago

    I am curious about it but not felt the sting as yet…

    • Author
      LK Founder D|s-M 3 years ago

      You can be intro’ed by him rubbing it on your body, he can lightly slap your nipples… so much more seductive if he massages your skin with it.Slapping it can cum later… then you will learn to love the burn after you get to know it in other ways. LK

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