Proper Protocol

Most Dominants would agree that there is a basic protocol when speaking to or contacting a submissive. This protocol would be considerably more meaningful if the submissive was already owned by another Dominant. Sometimes these protocols can vary slightly from Dominant to Dominant so let me make my rules clear…

If a Dominant desires to carry on a dialogue with my submissive he would require my explicit permission to do so.

A gentleman would also adhere to some sort of basic etiquette in a similar situation with a lady as well. If the lady were married a gentleman would treat her with a greater level of respect and courtesy, similar to an owned submissive.

A Dominant is always a perfect gentleman and more.

On April fourth a man asked my LK a question on a comment that he was trying to post that was more than inappropriate. For this individual let me politely say that I believe that you may have the wrong blog. If you were a Dominant or a Gentleman you would not have made such a distasteful comment. If you were familiar with Little Kaninchen’s blog you would have recognized that your comment was unbecoming and would be unwelcome. There are plenty of websites on the Internet where not only can you solicit somebody but your methodology would be anticipated.

If you are a Dominant, a Gentleman, a submissive or a lady that has a basic understanding and use of proper protocol and or etiquette please continue to post your comments and questions, Little Kaninchen really enjoys blogging with all of you.

If you simply do not fit in any of these categories and would like to chat, send me an email first…



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  1. I would think this would go for any communication between a woman and a man, especially a married woman. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Well said! 🙂