Doesn’t have to be that way….

Read about D/s… Domination & submission


No more vanilla.. Too tired.. Excuses.

Help him find his Dom, While you explore your submission.

Good Luck!

  1. Lts 6 years ago

    I like and total agree… but can I try strawberry excuses…I’m never too tired!
    Lts♥ 50 Shades Yay!

  2. the invisible woman 6 years ago

    did the artist sneak in my bedroom when i wasn’t looking?

  3. shygirl 6 years ago

    I have never been too tired. My Husband hasn’t been too tired since we said goodbye vanilla.

  4. Mostly Me 6 years ago

    That’s Mr and Mrs Mostly Me lately. Lol sigh…..

    • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

      Life getting in your way?
      Try and take just one element today to feed his Dom with.
      Put the twist back in your vanilla day.
      LK ❤

      • Mostly Me 6 years ago

        Not life as much as ourselves. One thing I’ve learned, is that introducing this kind of honesty in the bedroom has a ripple affect in your marriage. We’ve had more fights in the past few months than in the entirety of our relationship. It’s okay, things needed to be talked about, and now they are. We’ve kind of put things on hold somewhat while figure out how to deal with some resentment issues. It’s funny,we managed to have sex all the time before absolutely riddled with aggravation towards one another lol. Sex is so intimate and honest now that it inevitably triggers a discussion(loud) before during or after. We’ll figure it out. I’m betting it’s fairly normal, I hope it is anyway lol.

        • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

          I’m sorry to hear that there are issues happening. I can feel the hurt in your words. I’m hoping that with the honesty does come truth and resolve. D/s does pull everything out in the open. You are so open that all subjects that may have been swept under the rug before are now out in open view to deal with. Totally normal and I’m thinking you both will del with these issues and you will be better and stronger for it… Email if you need to… Best Wishes, LK ❤

          • Mostly Me 6 years ago

            You’re exactly right. The proverbial rug has been lifted, and well…did I mention I hate vacuuming? It’s very dusty under there. Lol. You’re right, I’m hurt. But I’ll deal. Truthfully, I felt like just giving up the last couple of days, but I won’t. I won’t( can’t) go back to the way things were before, so I’ll have to figure it out. One thing is for sure, no more faking it. Before I could just “go through the motions” and separate myself from the physical aspect, that just doesn’t work now. I’m glad about that right? 😉

          • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

            Girl.. You’re preaching to the choir… Lol! Vacuuming sucks! I can’t go back… Before it was “Robotic, going through the motions.” That’s crap.. No way to live. Keep trying… Keep communicating with him… I’m here! LK ❤

          • Mostly Me 6 years ago

            Thanks Lk, I know. You’ve been a huge help and I appreciate it. I figure that as long as we’re still talking, that’s progress.

          • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

            Yes, once you’ve felt the honesty and the magic of this lifestyle, unfortunately for most, they can’t go back vanilla again. So, keep working on it and you’ll get there. LK ❤

          • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

            If you need help… Email me… LK ❤

  5. ShyOne 6 years ago

    That’s us at night sometimes, sure… but first thing in the morning is a different story! Or first thing after work… or sometimes in the middle of the night…. oh my.

    • littlekaninchen 6 years ago

      That’s it… Exactly. It may go vanilla a bit.. It happens.. You have to share your life with your new lifestyle. But keep trying!
      LK ❤

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