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    Last night we had a downtime and discussed, from a previous conversation, whether we wanted to do an impact scene with the goal of pushing me to safeword RED. Our purposes for looking into this were twofold. One being that I needed to get comfortable with using my yellow and red safewords and the second being for my Sir to get used to hearing them and not instantly going vanilla.

    After talking about how the exploratory session would go, we got started. Since arousal is important in impact play, I had a vibe inside the whole time. Sir started with his hand and either I woulda volunteer my color or he would ask my color or number (0-10). Swat! Rub Rub Swat! Rub Swat! The session continued. After a good warm up, Sir was really hitting my butt hard and I was still green! Lol! He wanted to get me to yellow, back it down,and then back up a couple times before bringing me to red.

    He switched to a paddle to mix things up. Wam! I started laughing and say green! Wam! “Ok, that’s a Yellow.” He backs it down and then turns up the heat again.i started laughing like a school girl withthe big thwacks! Between paddle and hand, Sir is getting needing to be forceful. I yellow again and he continues and asks my number. 8 is where I’m at and I know that I’m marked, giggling about it all, and if he hits the same place a couple more times, I’ll be saying RED.

    He does and I red and then he wraps me up with urgency and holds me close. I’m feeling great about the whole thing. Sir and I have learned alot and I’ve realized that pain can be pleasurable.

    We will do this again in about 6 months.

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    Minx, when I read the part about you laughing, I started laughing. I have done this during an impact scene. I’m not sure if it was nerves or just some emotions that were bottled up that needed to be released. Regardless, it makes playtime a fun experience when you can incorporate laughter. If you have not tried it yet, next time you have an impact scene ask your Sir to incorporate a wartenberg wheel. When my Sir rolls this over my tender skin I swear I laugh like a mad woman and levitate. It is fantastic!

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