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    His goal has to been to push me slowly out of my comfort zone. He taught me this with fisting years ago, eyes on him at all times. Deep breathing, constant reassurance that he would stop when I said the word but I needed to relax those muscles and that it was possible. My mind would inevitably go to his enormous hands that could pin/hold me up against a wall only using one hand. So he trained my mind to envision opening up to him….finger by finger, me orgasming as we went, and then the whole hand up to the wrist. I couldn’t breathe at first, my first instinct was to claw at his hand just to stop the pain and discomfort. He then moved into telling me how amazing my body was, how it was capable of so much….muscle by muscle stopped clenching hearing his familiar voice. My mind stopped the practical calculations, it just stopped. My body moved into a primal mode as I then spread my legs even further, my orgasms coming harder and faster on top of each other so that I couldn’t tell the beginning or the ending, I rode his hand rubbing my clit and by this time I was screaming. The pain still ebbed but the sensations from the top of my head to my toes drowned out the pain.

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    you should really be a writer Cherished, this is good stuff! Love it! Even more because it feels REAL. Bravo!

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      Wow! What a description! Have you ever read “Darling Discovered”? It sounds like you and the author of that book would have a great deal in common. I haven’t ever experienced multiple waves of orgasms like this….sounds amazing!

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    Thanks subbies….it’s still a process, it doesn’t come easy so that’s why it’s still a place of deep trust. Angelica, I haven’t read that book, I don’t really read much fiction, maybe I should start! Put orgasms that run together on your wishlist for your Sir 😉

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     subMarie *AMB/Sir Ed 

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    Wow! This sounds intensely erotic. My Sir has not tried fisting. This makes me wanna possibly give it a try.

    And I agree with charmed. You need to write a book. You are a talented story-teller.

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